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lol :laughing: !

Cheers Ravenscroft for giving me a great laugh to start the day!

It's actually a bit silly that my account came to be named thusly - finding a name in a hurry - and the name is taken from a NPC senior magus of my saga. Yes you guessed it - he is Flambeau! And quite homocidal - especially if anyone happens to mispronounce his name, letting out one of the crucial S's, which has lead to the grogs not always keeping him in the loop - since he's also quite flambeuant and rather stuborn on etiquette when being approached and latin names not being the strong suit of english born and bred grogs..

I was just thinking of Abes alien hand idea. Could that not be done as a variant on magical Animal Companion? The hand has a personality of it's own? The reason i thought of it was that if you are using gestures, and say the right hand makes the technique, and the left the form, then spells could be very interesting. You try to do a Creo Corpus on your friend, but the Cursed ahnd makes it a Perdo Corpus? Ok, I suppose the Vocal phrasing etc would prevent this happenning, but it has to be worth a few extra botch die... :slight_smile:

I liked that idea. Abe, firing flame from your eyes is no different to firing flame from your hands in the rules - just use the guidelines for a fire based spell. maybe Arc of Fiery Ribbons. If Eye conntact is required, then change the Range to Eye, but if you just look and create fire, well taht si a cosmetic effect and exactly liek any other thing.

People have done Earthsea with ars magica, and Xanth should be doable as well. Just ignore rules which get in way for feel you want, and go for it! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps
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The Bonnacon's "Breath"!

new range-voice
this range is as far as your voice will carry on a loud shout!

just a thought,shoudn't people aready know(sort of)about australia,in those time they probibly thought that there was a land to counter balance the earth after all.

We already have had that discussion with you. Do you even pay attention?

yes I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's is why I put it down in the first place(I AM JUST FORGETFULL)
sorry,I am just frustrated in the fact that I don't play role-playings much at all!
thussly I am a loon most of the time(especially on the boards!)

new duration-echo
this duration is as long as the echo lasts
mostly used by fey,could probibly be learned by magi as a minor breakthrough?

time related vis-usefull for time related magics!

lazervision(cant think of a better name,if you have one please let me know)
effect-you shoot out a POWERFUL beam of light that causes a stress die of 7 to avoid
any help would be appreciated!

You also have the attention span of a four-week-old puppy, given how you rarely even bother following up on your "ideas" with a corrected version that takes into account our suggestions.

And I don't get to play much either. Are you just posting on the boards to relieve your stress?

Time is way beyond the limits of Hermetic magic.

What happens if you don't avoid it.

Hrm? Two techniques? Which guidelines did you follow to come up with that level? Designing a spell always follow the same steps, you know. Why do you follow them?

That might work. It's essentially equivalent to a Momentary duration. A Diameter at best.

Hi Abe - welcome to 5th edition... :exclamation:

No they shouldn't! Australia, like the future, doesn't exist. And no, nothing needs balancing off - the earth is as is was made during the Creation with Jerusalem in its center and a rim you can fall off if you dare travel to far away from home. Something flat and something held in place by the Almighty doesn't need balancing off - "burn the heretic!"

Actually a splendid idea - although not always very useful (which would speak in favour of the fae..) and as lvl I'd like Fruny also set it at Moment or Diameter but with a leaning toward the last.

And I'd even add that it might be beyond the paradigm to such a degree where no Breakthrough nor any other Mythical power might influence it...

Now, why would you go and do that? What is laser? A Flambeau on mushrooms....? What would you need it for? Abe quit forcing all kind of silly things onto Ars - why so desperate in doing so? There's plenty of material to consider in the Ars itself without needing to retort to Lost in Space Star Warish ingenuity... If you like to think up original ideas on your own turn to medieval-set books by Umberto Eco, Jan Gilluou or Sir Walter Scott instead of SciFi !

Get out there! Put your originality to use and get some roleplaying done. If you can't find other players locally dust up a play-by-mail. The less you follow up on your ideas or think them through yourself beforehand and the less you appreciate and respect the peoples trying to help to you, the more lonely the boards will become to you.

lazer was the nearest thing in our terms that I could put it.
also australia was theriatical in meadevial times at least.

There was a Pilum of Lumen in a 4th edition supplement. The Dragon and The Bear, I believe.

Got a reference?

According to Wikipedia, Europeans didn't visit Australia until the 17th century. You're 400 years early.

sorry,I was thinking of theroes(I think that's how you spell it)only

Do you mean theoretical or theatrical? I just don't understand you.


Hmm... I've long had a suspicion that Australia was merely a conspiracy of cartographers. Cunning of them to hire people with funny accents to appear on TV shows in order to perpetrate the hoax.

In this case, I believe abe is in fact correct. Educated people in the middle ages knew that the earth was (as the Venerable Bede wrote) "round like a ball" and not "round like a shield." The standard astronomical textbook of the late 13th century was De sphaera mundi.

Wikipedia has a pretty good article on the subject.

Now, if you really do want to fall into heresy in this matter, you are in luck, for it is possible! The determined heretic may be able to make trouble by speculating on the theological status of the people dwelling in the antipodes (the "bottom" side of the earth). If it is impossible to cross the torrid clime at the equator to get to them, the inhabitants of the antipodes cannot be evangelized. Thus, either Christ has had to appear a second time among them (which is theologically problematic), they are irrecovably damned (also problematic), or they are somehow not in need of redemption (again, problematic). Asserting that you could travel through the torrid clime doesn't make you a heretic, but it might make you a crackpot.

Of course, since it is impossible to cross the equator, no one knows if there are people living in the antipodes or even if there is even solid land there for them to live on. Given that no descendent of Adam could succeed in crossing the torrid clime, however, it is probable that the antipodes remain uninhabited by men.

thank you!

new spell-curse of the anyoing music
effect-you are curse for at least one day with a tin ear,making ALL music anyoing to the victum
requisite-mutomentum(arum?(for the sounds of course))
range-echo(see above,not sure of the mdifier though)
target-enemy/anyoing person
tell me what you think of this spell!