Abe's Laboratory Submissions

Vim blaster
this crossbow shoots out pure vis once per loading!
You must put in 1 pawn of vis per loading otherwise it can only shoot out a standard crossbow bolt.

Beer barrel!
This enchanted barrel ferments any fruit juice to create a VERY acoholic beverage!
Interesting item huh?

Spring boots-these pair of boots allows the wearer to make 3 foot jumps to reach high areas!
Base effect-10?
What do you think?

Squeaky cheese:this item allows you to talk to mice/rats for 1 moon!:cheese:
Power level:5

Ink generator:this item generates ink for note taking purposes.

as a reminder, unless you want the ink to be temporary, you have to spend some hard-earned vis on it, and items can't make permanent items as a policy.

Invisible ink: to keep secrets from convent enemies!

Chamber pot of poop disintegration: it basically prevents a big mess in your laboratory!

This is a pair of FANCY boots that allows the wearer to move up the 10 times his/her normal speed, you need to wear them for 25 days total to gain the speed but it need not be comlative. Even after the time spent wearing the boots you gain 1 degree of speed every moon or so wearing them for every degree of speed gained.

Not exactly how magic items work in ars Magica. But boots to.imprive.movemrnt are a staple, so it should be easy to design the effect as a Rego Corpus effect.