Abe's Laboratory Submissions

self lighting candle
base effect-5

English not your native language? :unamused:

You posted the item in another thread first , fair enough.
When you have a Finished write-up ,
fully coded in 5th Edition Ars Magica terms ,
then you post them here.

Are we to understand you now have a copy of the 5th Edition rules?

Hopefully , if you clutter up the Fora with more of these half-arsed posts ,
the public outcry will get them removed.

chainsword-basically a meadeival version of a chainsaw(moterized)
spell-motion(on chain)
does this item seem doable for ANY champain?

Why are you posting in this thread?
You have unanswered questions to address first.
If this is your response , it is not helping.
And you have thrown this at us before.

true,but it does bey repeating in this thread because it is a magic item,thussly it belongs on this thread.

meadeival= "medieval" (That would be an awesome brand name for alcohol, though...would make a mint at SCA events)
moterized= "motorized"
indivigual= "individual"
champain=???? "champagne"=an alcoholic beverage...."campaign"= a systematic course of aggressive activities for some specific purpose.

I have to ask...why add modern things to a middle ages game? This reeks of Army of Darkness.

I'd suggest leaving the ridiculous merging of modern and ancient tech to Final Fantasy games (GUNBLADE, anyone?).

Unless you are able to post in the same format as every other item on this thread ,
it does not belong here.

it is in the form that I understood it was(the items in the offering were for the spell that is put on this item in question).

Just a reminder to ABE , that no matter what he thinks , this thread is for 5th Edition items.

I agree.

Abe this is for magic items - and not spells.
This is for 5th edition rules.
And you do have to put it for discussion before posting it here.

I was trying to put this in terms that the modern people using this thread would understand!

This thread has been split off of the Laboratory sticky as it seems to have gone off track. Just a little reminder that the key words for this thread should be "courteous" and "respectful." Thanks, everyone!

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You miss a final level,
You miss a Technique,
You miss a Form,
The base effect is 2,
The Range Far does not exist in 5th,
The Target Candle does not exist,
The Duration: Instantaneous does not exist in 5th.
If this is an invested item, which it must be since you posted it where you did, you also miss the number of uses, etc.

You have some work ahead of you.

:arrow_right: Actually you didn't get anything right. No excuses - Go read the rules :exclamation:

And if you do get this right you next have to explain what magus would waste vis on enchanting a candle to light itself? When the candle is spent, so is the vis...

Furion , Abe does not have access to 5th Ed Rules (afaik).
Only the 4th Ed pdf.

I know - but as you pointed out. He did post this in the 5th lab thread. Nevertheless most of the calculations are still off - even by 4th.

Furthermore, much of this is a cut and paste from the two other exclusive threads Abe has. Abe, you have two threads dedicated to your material. I do not think it is appropriate to have a third thread that simply redisplays your product. But since you do I would ask that you display completed product rather than incomplete ideas.

At your other threads I will discuss your product and occasionally help you, but I will not contribute anything here as the entire thread currently appears redundant.

I think he posted it in the Sticky thread and that Michelle then moved the whole bit here.

But I agree - we should keep it to the other two exellent threads.

hear hear!

I understand what happened. I still think the entire thread is redundant.

along the lines of the self lighting candle is the walking candle!
basically it's a self moving candelabra for when the wizards needs light for his/her experiments!
nice huh?