Abe's Questions

This thread is a place for Abe to post any Questions he has. I ask that the people of the forum only answer Abe in this or his other exclusive thread. This is an effort to centralize Abe's questions and clean up the board.

a question that I have(possible idea as well)is how is xanth handled in ars magica?

Man, that xanth jus' don't jive with the hood, bro. Aint no way, no how you gettin' no xanth near me, you dig?

It isn't! As simple as that - and why should it? Xanth is in no way related to Mythic Europe. And a roleplaying game exists on Xanth alone. If you want to play in Xanth you should probably be easier of using this game than Ars. Nevertheless I guess you could probably be inspired by it to some stories involving the fae or Arcadia.. But that's up to your own imagination.

That being said I find it useless that you throw terms into the fray without explaining them - I don't know Xanth and had to do a google on it - and I guess that holds true for the majority. Answering this post is to honor your use of the newly establish threads. Please make you post more usefull by doing your homework and explain properly the questions you have.

I think it would be a terrible fit, both mechanically and stylisticly. You might want to try a more generic system, perhaps one with point-based powers such as GURPS or Heroes, which would have better success trnslating unique powers into game effect.

In fact, I can't think of anyway in which Xanth is like Ars Magica.

Uh, what is Xanth anyway?


That's what I said.

Me be sorry man! Me not speak but 'da rasta lingo manu-man! U kno' Babylon gonna fall man - and 'em lingo be lingo all never same man! I and I tell U Jahve tooold me own self soo! In 'em ganja he cometh to me, maaaan!

Me B out now,

Ras Tafari be blessed!

xanth is a land of puns(otherwise a meadeival level society).

While it is not Canon , i recall an episode of Prince Valiant ,
that had an island where the anagram meaning of spoken words could cause unexpected events to happen.


what do you think of my spell,plant body?

Check out Stance of the Patient Tree, MuCo(He) 35. You got the parameters right, if not the level. A spell turning you into a mobile plant would be significantly harder and would probably not be as beneficial as you might think.

I was thinking of the photosythisis posibilities at the time.

brewing forms & bonuses,what are they?

This kind of thinking is not part of the 13th century mindset.
Hermetic Magi are not scientists after all.

future books maybe?
what would happen if some books from modern times came to ars magica?

Nobody could read them. Wrong language. People may be very impressed with the extremely thin papyrus though.

maybe if they were writen in latin(see vatican city newspaper,which is writen mostly in latin in this day & age)