Ablating in the name of God

Demons don't have free will
To have free will you need to have the 2 souls, the good one and the bad one...

They like people who kill other demons... a demon hunter gets a positive reputation in hell... they would even probably help the one who would do that systematically... as long as it is not themself of course...

Ablating is an infernal power anyway from ars goetia... it reduces the might of the spirit but don't destroy it, and you may get an ennemy... you probably would get a "plague by a demon" if you do that with a demon... at the same time you get the knowledge of the spirit's realm, and so enter more and more into infernal lore which is dangerous...
You could of course destroy weak demon (destroy them completely, not transforming them into hell's souls, as they have only one soul)

I don't see how you could keep true faith while doing goetia which is an infernal magic...

You will probably loose your true faith and lost yourself damned to hell

The more I talk about him, the more the character becomes a RAW witch hunter from ROP:I :laughing: They are delided in thinking that they are doing good stuff, only that they ALSO torture and kill humans with infernal unholy powers and methods. If you remove the later and go for "pure" demon hunting, you have a RAW Demon Hunter.

No True Faith, then, even if he might have a (unholy heirloom?) Relic. Sounds more like a delusion (what he does is Good Stuff in the name of God)


I guess the trick is that he is repentant of the sins he has commited since his last confession. This doesn't stop him from being absolved from further similar sins in the future --- as long as he is sincerely repentant of those sins at the time of confession too.

Whether it is effective or not depends on who you ask. In character there will be people who claim it is effective and people who claim it is not. I think it might actually be heretical to claim that it isn't effective; God forgives sins that are confessed and that the character performs penance (or other penalty imposed by the church) for. The fact that you were a sinner in the past too, is irrelevant. Although, it is entirely reasonable for your confessor to impose an escalating scale of penance (for example) --- but that's up to the priest (and God, I suppose, to the extent that the priest prays for guideance).

Of course. The problem is if he dies unexpectedly, and before a priest can be found.

I was confused for a second, then I realized I was thinking of ablutions.

I could see a religious individual (perhaps an exorcist) with the ability to banish/destroy/etc. demons tiring of always reacting to demons and deciding to make theirs an offensive battle. If scrutinized by authorities they could claim this to be a crusade of sorts, and one that allows them to fight all of their battles on their own terms, fully rested and equipped, and on familiar terrain (perhaps even with knowledge of a demon's strengths and weaknesses before summoning them).

While perhaps started with noble intentions it seems to be a great way to invite corruption. Not only are you constantly summoning demons but such aggression gives them a gaping hole in your defenses. Even if you were somehow protected from the beings you summoned your actions would eventually attract external demons. (A clever demon could even steer an exorcist towards unimportant or rival demons in order to keep them occupied and away from diabolical plans coming to fruition elsewhere.)

An individual may be able to accomplish these feats while remaining unnoticed by religious and political authorities, maybe even demonic ones as well if the operation was small enough. I don't think an entire organization could operate like this without getting in to serious trouble.

At the water cooler, in hell. Two demons talk during a break.

"Hey Izanger, I hear you got promoted"
"Yah, 7th circle. Much more fun I tell you. Why are you laughing?"
"Everyone knows that job is the worst, some guy will summon you and destroy you then summon you and destroy you. You'll probably get no torturing done."
"Awwww. I knew it was too good to be true. "

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Guess it depends on how you approach it somewhat.
As a Catholic , you want to be in a State of Grace , so you don't willingly commit sinful acts.
(the whole thought , word and deed thing)
It should not be that you commit sins , knowing they are wrong ,
because God , in His Infinite Mercy will forgive you
and that sinning is not a problem , even though you "feel bad" about it ,
because you can always Confess and do Penance.

The Ideal , is to remain in a State of Grace , by trying not to sin.
Unless you are a Saint , this is not easy to do for any length of time.

Is this really right? I thought Summoning was meant to simulate classical demonology. How would you know if a particular demon was hanging out in Europe or was in Hell until you summoned it?

Ask it?

Demons never lie.

"Where were you when you where summoned here?"
"I was in hell overseeing the torture of some souls"
"Damn... Well, you may go then..."