About: Ascendency of the Warp

Ascendency of the Warpis an Ars Magica saga set in Scotland in the year 1220.

The key theme of Ascendency of the Warp (AotW) is the rise of otherworldly powers into Mythic Europe. It is my intention to present a setting where the characters confront both normal and supernatural powers as a part of regular story telling, and the common man also slowly starts to be exposed to the strange powers as well. As the saga gains pace the players should feel a noticeable change in the setting, toward a more fantastic, uncanny, and dangerous world.

I think this is a departure from typical Ars Magica games, where historic accuracy is normally very pivotal and important to the setting.

The game’s storyline will be developed from two sources. Firstly any odd and strange ideas that I have will likely be converted in some manner into stories or elements within stories. When running previous games the inspiration came from album covers, silly one liners, and many bad films. I hope to use these scenarios and games to steer the game-play into weird places for the players.

Secondly and probably far more importantly, the backgrounds created as characters and choices the players make will directly guide the storyline. I intend to make the ramifications of choice be a real lever for change within the environment, as I think exploring the consequences of choices will create both a more personalised game, and a far more engaging setting. Hopefully.

Characters belong to a newly founded spring covenant, rebuilt upon a more ancient covenant site. Saga links and materials will be linked from this page as they are developed and updated.