About faerie familiar, cords weakening and creativity

Hello everyone,

Had anyone ever considered the combination of a faerie familiar with the possibility to use creativity to alter the issue?

Reminder: faerie familiar are not like magical one: the cords do weaken with time. To counterbalance it, the magus can also do "faerie cords" with negative powers, equivalent in total level at the total level of hermetic cords, and none does weaken if they are the same level.

Creativity allow, through pretenses (and/or vis) a faerie to be modified by an artist character.

IMO - and we discussed it with a player - the creativity allow to change the role and powers of a faerie, but not his essential nature.

And still IMO, faerie, by essential nature, do not like to be bond, so creativity would not work to counterbalance it.

What do you think about this?