I recently downloaded "The Cradle & The Crescent" pdf to supplement my print copy and while I'm quite happy with the production values, I did notice that the text bled into the borders on a few pages.

I haven't checked all of the instances yet, but those I have checked aren't present in the hardcopy so I believe this to be a digital problem. The book remains fully legible so there's no need to fix it, but I perhaps you could take a look when instituting the next round of errata. The affected pages are: 9, 121, 141, 167, 189, and 191.


PS. It occurs to me that none of the affected pages had their page # listed at the bottom so that might be a useful clue to identify more faulty pages in TC&TC and other Ars PDFs...

Thanks Jason. I'll take a look at it and see what happened. It's very possible that the process of exporting it to PDF cut off the edges somehow.