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In 1230, a Stonehenge rock engraved with runes was apparently fixed as an arcance connection centuries ago. A new covenant is assembling in Vineland. And a magi in final twilight discovered a bridge to another mundane realm which can be found by crossing the magical realm. So starts our story...

this is a reboot of the game, currently in 1186 as apprentices are being introduced at tribunal in Thebes to be selected by their future parens. Other tribunals will be added as the game progresses quickly.

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Using this topic to begin discussion of the greater scope of this campaign, and specifically how the different tribunals fit into it. one thing to keep in mind is that part of the idea of this game is that adventures are not limited to a single tribunal- someone from thebes can go do research in the Levant, or travel to the Rhine to try and join the Vinland expedition. The overall campaign is designed to cover the entirety of mythic Europe and beyond, but to break things down in terms of local activities:

Greater alps: the old guard has remained here for centuries, secure in their management of resources, but change is coming- the dominion encroaches slowly here but it does encroach as Catholic clash with declared heretics, and the mystery cave into the realm of magic is reported to be hidden within this tribunal.
Hibernia: This tribunal at the edge of the order is one of those with a ritual link to vinland- the faerie realm is more prevalent here than is usual, and it is the only tribunal with a history of reaching vinland by munane means, albeit with Viking longships at great expense.
Levant: at the edge of the order with rights to expand into asia and Egypt, a great place to have a new covenant, or to begin trying to establish a covenant or chapterhouse.
Loch Leglean: a historically laise faire tribunal under the sway of new leadership planning to actively engage with mundanes in ways that would be forbidden in the past, and willing to push boundries of the code.
Normandy: a country whose monarchy has aligned itself with the expansive powers of the Church, a strong potential threat to the order as it expands its temporal influence. also one of the ritual links to vinland.
Novgorod: this hermetic frontier faces threats from Mongolian raiders to the East and crusaders from the west.
Provence: in the center of mythic Europe, these lands are being invested with the military might of Normandy and the supernatural power of the church combatting those they declared heretics.
Rhine: the center for research in crossing the magic realm as well as being one of the locus points for a ritual link to vinland.
Rome: given an expansion into Africa as its cvenants have excess of mundane resources but a scarcity of maical power, and a desire to expand into more magic rich lands.
Stonehenge: haven't developed much plot points here yet- it is in political conflict with both Normandy and Scottland,
Thebes: a tribunal likely to join the mundane resistance against the Latin empire
Transylvania- the center of the Tremere, a point for organizing the massive infrastructure they represent.

The game is entering a new reboot phase- it has been jumped ahead to 1228 and new characters will be created.
Information on the wiki is under the 1228 heading.
The new game centers in the Gardenia covenant, hidden in the Alps, even from the prying eyes of the other covenants of the Tribunal of the greater Alps. The game begins with the newly invited magi coming to the covenant as the founder, Mingus the Mad, vanishes into the magic realm. New threads reflecting this game will begin with the either 1228 or the date they do relate to after this date.
Each player may have one magus, 2 companions, and as many grogs as they desire. The covenant will be designed to handle a fixed number of Magi, so numbers in excess of this amount may generate stories themselves in terms of developing resources to support them.