About the virue Elemental Magic

Hi. I just need a clarification on the virtue Elemental Magic.
Its seems i read it another way then those i play
with, and cant get it out of my head. So just help me get it out of my head. :slight_smile:

So, in my mind, its says in short that if i study so i get say 12, in Ignem, i should get 12 in the other 3 Arts.

I havent really understood how my group thinks,
but i gain far less experiencepoints then the art im primarily

Another problem is that i dont get experiencepoints in
all forms, but just in one of my chose.

This seems very strange in my mind, but i might be
wrong. And its just for the sake of my sanity that i
need these answers (and the small fact that im
gonna play an elementalist)..

So would appriciate help considering interpritate
the virtue ELEMENTAL MAGIC on page 41 in the main book (5th edition)

Thx in advance.

From memory, if you study an elemental from, say Ignem & gain 12xp from a summae, you also gain 1xp in Auram,Terram & Aquam.


From page 41 "Whenever you successfully study one of these arts (that is gain at least one experience point from study) you gain an additional experience point in each of the other three." (emphasis is mine)

It doesn't seem to be ambiguous to me.

study ignem for a season and get twelve experience points, then get a bonus experience point in terram, another in aquam and a third in auram.

Thx. I got it. I didnt understand what that 12 exp came from. but now i see. thx for the help.

You're right, it would have been more clear to have said "study ignem for a season and get any number of experience points, then the virtue gives you a bonus experience point in terram, another in aquam and a third in auram."