Accelerating healing

Just to clarify, PeCo accelerates aging (Guideline says 15th level effect age 5 years). I'm not aware of a CrCo guideline that accelerates it.

To answer the question, something like this in my saga would 1) require a breakthrough and 2) still require vis, although perhaps a bit less (maybe 1 pawn compared to a corresponding healing ritual for the severity of the wound).

Huh, this is actually a pretty cool idea. I'd probably go with ReCo and make it require a minor breakthrough, no Vis though as you're not flat out healing the wounds. Thought what I would consider is, depending on how long you were going to 'accelerate' the body for, I might force an extra aging roll that year or something similar.

Ok, so how about this. Kill the vis requirement. I wasn't in love with it.

It's not ReCo it's MuCo, as you're changing the body's pace to check for healing, not controlling the body (movement, ReCo seems to be about movement).

Base 20: Allow the body to heal at the interval of the preceeding Wound Level on the Wound Level Chart, if at Light, the target may check once per day. Add one magnitude for each interval skipped.
So a useful spell would look like so:

Level 50
Gift of the Salamander's Recovery
R:Touch, D:Moon, T:Ind
Allow a heavily wounded person to make a daily check for healing, as long as the spell is in effect. The person does not get any bonuses (may want negatives) to healing, but it is possible for someone to heal from Heavy to no wounds in 3 days.
Base 20, +1 Touch, +3 Moon +2 Additions for skipping intervals

It's still an expensive spell, and it offers no guarantees. I would also think that it might even create negatives on the die roll due to the stress the body is under. Of course, a skilled doctor around could ease that as normal.

Not sure this is an accurate analogy - healing and reproduction are (sometimes) apples and oranges.

Not sure what you mean by "expensive" - most magi/Players measure real "cost" in terms of vis (unless it's a vis-rich saga, and even then). It's a high-magnitude spell, and so only arch-magi(ish) character would have access to it, but in some saga every magi is at that level.

For me, the main consideration is that "...Unless otherwise noted, a healing spell cast other then as a Momentary Duration ritual actually suspends the healing process..." Now, that's listed under CrCo, not Corpus in general, but it seems to assume that only Creo can create "healing" spells. Of course, with a breakthrough, that solves that nicely.

And there is a good argument that once a saga reaches "archmage" levels, healing is not what the storyline should be about. I can see magi being able to find a work-around that is not as fast as Ritual healing but not as expensive either.

I don't think it should be a cheap alternative to CrCo Ritual healing (and by "cheap", I mean re vis or ease of invention), but it could certainly be out there somewhere.

Cheap, in that getting to a MuCo casting total of 50 is not inexpensive. The spell will also inflict warping on the recipient.
It doesn't have a vis component, very true.

As to the matter, it's up to SG fiat to consider this a healing spell. I don't, in that it doesn't heal, it just accelerates what the body would normally do. It changes the timing of the healing roll, it doesn't improve healing, or make the wound disappear.

It could be reduced in magnitude so that Heavy Wounds heal at the speed of light, or even medium. I worked backwards from the perspective of the most effective version of the spell until I got to the base level. There are many things that can be done to modify it to make it easier to cast...

He's referring to the Creo Corpus effects that bring a person to maturity rapidly, not the Perdo Corpus effects that age a mature person toward old age and death.
Aging effects are split between Creo and Perdo, divided at the age of 20 or so.

age of 16 exactly.

How would this affect the use of Chirurgy or Medicine to grant bonuses to the roll? It seems like the chirurgical work required for a Heavy wound (for example) could be very extensive and time-consuming. I just wonder if the chirurgeon or physician can 'keep up' with the target's newly accelerated bodily functions (for lack of a better term).


I'm not sure. I think there should be a negative modifier to the roll.

well the thought is to couple an accelerated healing spell with a creo corpus +X to recovery rolls. So that you're rolling high recovery rolls more frequently...

I cannot remember where this is said, but you are limited on how many patients you can handle simultaneously. A patient that heals twice as fast should count as 2 patients.

Not that I would go that way, I feel healing pots and accelerated healing do not match the Ars Mag flavor. Recovering from a wound opens up different stories.

which is actually why I would disallow it.

Here are some spells that do just that


It looks like you're replacing the vis/ritual requirement for healing spells with a recovery roll. While I could see an argument for doing that, I'm not familiar with anything in the RAW to allow it. Am I missing something?


Not really - he's just defining guidelines as far as I can see.

Here's another alternative: Consult 4th edition.

Healing is a lot harder and longer in 5th edition than it was in 4th edition. If you could manage to hit 9 with a Sta+Chirurgy roll then you could be fully healed from a Heavy wound in ~2 months. Note that it takes a minimum of 4 months (and no failed rolls, one of them at 15 difficulty) to manage the same feat in 5th edition. Furthermore, if you did really good on the rolls in 4th edition you'd be back up to full health even faster - it was possible to recover from Heavy to Unhurt in 37 days total.

My suggestion is to work up a chart where really good rolls reduce the recovery time for each wound category, and get your troupe to adopt it as a house rule.

Then scribe a big circle around the infirmary (making sure to include an outhouse, bathing area, gym/massage/physical therapy room, and sunlight-soaking area) and invent a L25 Touch/Ring/Individual CrCo that gives a +15 on recovery rolls to an individual as long as he or she stays in the circle. Maybe even get a magus to invest the spell as a magic item, triggered by walking the ring and chanting a prayer for the health of the target, so that the local physician can make his nurse do it instead of bugging the magi.

Of course, that last is probably worth doing anyway.


You can do it with the 5th Edition rules, using the faerie power Weal. That means you also need a faerie Method (like Evocation) and a faerie Sympathy Trait applicable to the target. If you are a Hermetic magus with all of these things, you can use faerie wizardry to cast the spell as a Ritual (probably ReCo) using the Weal guideline.

I stand corrected :laughing:

Good point the Faeric way, je.
I think that in the classical AM5th the Accelerating is more with the easy with you recover from wounds or illness, the Virtu that says to do that is a +3 to Recovery Rolls. And the common CrCo powers can efffectively grant bonus and heal a level all the injuries, or make them less serious.

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