Four of the Sorcery Schticks (Acid Blast, Artic Blast, Escher Blast, and Foggy Tendril) inflict an Adverse Condition on the "combat area" for 1 Keyframe.

They technically don't actually give you any Immunity to those Conditions. Which seems really weird, and makes them kind of pointless. No Immunity means no Immunity Bonus, and Adverse Conditions don't apply a penalty in 2nd Edition. Am I missing something here? As I read it, it doesn't really matter if there's Obscured Vision from the Foggy Tendril -- if no one in the fight is Immune to Obscured Vision, then no one gets a modifier. What's the point?

I think I'm going to tell the Ghost PC in my current campaign that if he takes any of those, he gets the corresponding Immunity. I don't think this will break anything because the Conditions are Keyframe limited (and each PC can only have 1 Keyframe effect active at a time, so the default rules already prevent you from stacking these Conditions)... or, at least, it won't break anything unless you have multiple Sorcery-based PCs at the table, which I don't.

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Good thinking.

Looking at the Martial Arts Schticks that do something similar (King On The Water, One-Inch Punch, etc) as comparison... it now strikes me that the better / more consistent way to handle this would be for the Sorcery Schticks to give you Immunity as mentioned above, but require they spend 1 Magic to activate the Immunity as a 0-shot Interrupt that lasts until the end of the Fight. So you're not just automatically/constantly immune to acid, but you can make yourself immune for an almost-trivial cost. That's what the Martial Arts versions do, anyway.

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