Action Values and Starting BoF

Just ran Baptism of Fire, the opening scene and the zombies. Need to check PC's AV's versus mooks and NC's.

Magic Cop: 17
Techie: 13
Smuggler: 16
Martial Artist: 20

These guys ran roughshod over 12 mooks, plus Happy and Sneezy in the diner.

Am I right in keeping the Mooks and the NC's AV's as-is? Should I scale it up for these guys? More mooks? Better AV's for them?

Happy has a Martial Arts AV of 12. Sneezy's is 14. Each of the mooks' is 7. (I don't add those numbers to their Bod scores, do I? I assumed the AV's were as-written in the book). The PC's had no trouble, but a good time was had by all. Happy and six mooks made a hasty retreat. Sneezy tried to take a hostage, but was gunned down by three PC's who just barely took him to 30+ where he made a failed Death Check just before his turn. Should I bump-up the NPC's to challenge the players more?

Starting characters, that BoF was designed for, would have AVs of:

Magic Cop 13
Techie: 12
Smuggler: 14
Martial Artist: 15

Or thereabouts, so against those characters the named GMCs should probably have +2 or maybe even +3 to their AVs to keep things even. For mooks, just add around 50% more and see what happens, I'd say.

Starting characters only have a combat AV of around 15, in one case 16, (and 17 or 18 in one very special case) and this goes only for combat characters. Support characters like the magic cop or the smuggler normally have 12 to 14. So you are putting highly experienced characters against some third class back alley mooks. No wonder they turned the opening scene into a slaughter house. But hey, if they had good times ... :wink:

Next time, try Delta Force mooks and give them a more advanced and dangerous scenario.


Thanks Queex and Apple, for your detailed replies. Me and my group are old gamers, but new to action-movie rp'ing.

I believe what happened, was my players rolled up characters using the archetype list pdf, and I held on to the only book. I don't believe the players realized there were maxes. I failed to check for max scores, and just went with their results. We had a good time, but now I've got to take them down a peg. Oh well, I'm going to assume the lines of Chi power in the earth converged in a special way that night at the diner, imbuing them with a gift of ass-kickery for that one scene.

By the way, what IS the difference between a "=" and a "max" score? Don't they both mean they can't be raised beyond that number at character creation?

Magig 5
Sorcery +10 => (=15)
This means that regardless if you put points into magic or into sorcery the value is 15, it cannot be increased or decreased during character generation, even if you have a dozen skillpoints.

Magic +5
Sorcery +5 [max 13]
This means that you start with an AV of 10 (skill 5 + attribut 5) and can increase the skill bonus from +5 to +8 for a maximum AV of 13 during character creation. Normally this is done with few skillpoints some archetypes receive during character creation.


Archetype list pdf? What one is that? Squeeee! ... sHeirs.pdf

Wow, what a great PDF that is! Heh, thanks for the plug! =)