Activating magic items

Presumably one can make several (separate) magic items with the same trigger or activation phrase. So do they all activate at once? Can i fire off my wand of Abysmal Flame, crown of Jupiters Resounding Blow and pendant of Whirling Winds of Protection effects simultaneously?

As long as they are assigned the same trigger, there is no limit to the amount of devices that can activate at the same time.

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What if they require targeting though? I guess if all affecting the same target?

Since it is the wielder doing the targeting rolls and providing the Finesse score, I would assume you can't do targeting with more than one device at once. The rest would presumably fire off in some random direction, or not work at all if not properly targeted.


Even without targeting rolls, an activation word is only enough for things without a choice. The moment there is a choice of what to effect, the activation has to be guided by thought as well, which means each magic item with range beyond touch needs some degree of thought to target it.

A generous SG could say if they are all aggressive spells from the items, you could tell multiple items with the same command word to "mess that guy up", however, I'd consider that a rather generous SG.

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I suppose in principle you could design a magic item that fires a lightning bolt (or other effect) at a fixed range and distance that could be mounted like a crossbow trap, and would not need a targeting roll any more than the crossbow would. Not that I'm certain how such a crossbow trap would be handled in game terms...

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