Activities while wounded

I was reading another thread and it had me checking the Activities while injured on P178-179 and I noticed something a little disturbing.

At -1 or -2 wound penalty, you can not cast spells that cost fatigue. this means the first light wound someone takes, prevents them from casting spontaneous spells with much effect until it heals. A 1 pt scratch suddenly means that all your spont spells are Total/5 until healed. What about casting formulaic spells that there is chance you might lose fatigue (level 20 and you have casting total 18, there is always that 0 or botch).

Perhaps I am a little crazy but this seems to be a bit extreme for one or two light wounds.

Hmm, that would explain the loss of the Diedne. I agree about this being extreme. If it is true, I would make a house-rule.

You can cast spontaneous or otherwise fatiguing spells, but you need to make an instant recovery check to see if the wound gets worse. A result indicating recovery gets ignored.
Nothing bind wounds can't solve though.

I get a 1 pt wound that is now light wound. I immediately cast a spell that uses fatigue and suddenly it is medium wound. Now I cast another and it is heavy wound.

Admittedly the roll is only 4 to stay the same, but it is still very extreme. If you only have light wounds, doing something that might tire you shouldn't really be that heavily impacted.

A Light Wound is only a Light Wound compared to a Medium Wound - in terms of what it models it's what you'd get from being stabbed with a dagger or thrusting your hand into a campfire for 6 seconds. I think that those being made worse by strenuous activities seem reasonable.

There must be a reason why magi like to stay in their labs. Plus, it says somewhere that the shield grogs take the wounds of most attacked aimed at the magi.

Or, make the first spell you cast one that adds a HUGE bonus to Recovery rolls. Probably a formulaic spell - they've got to be there for a reason. :wink:

Never noticed that. Makes Bind Wound and other recovery bonus spells mandatory there! In fact, given our damage rate, I doubt me and my gaming mates would enter a hostile zone without a sun duration healing spell already active on the mages! :open_mouth:


That's what my players said after their first battle. Several of them have Bind Wounds, and at least one has a Sun/Personal version of Endurance of the Berserkers.

Of course, that only takes effect after the current fight (assuming you were injured in a fight) is over... so you can still magic your way out of the situation. Only afterward do you need to hole up and go "ouch" for a week or more.

I knew we can"t cast spontaneous, but i ignored that was because of the wounds penatlies and so we can use the /5 (or even /2 for Diedne magic) without exertion.

So, i have to agree with Thijs: that explains WHY the Diedne were so powerfull, in addition with all we don't know.

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If the book reads that you have to roll if the wound gets worse, than it is not so bad. Usually you will get a Sta-roll of 4, definately with the help of some minor magic.

And let's not forget that a light wound in still a dagger stab or an arrow sticking in your flesh. The possibility that you hurt yourself some more when you dance about wildly (read cast a spell with some effort) is definately there.

If its a me you're ansewering.
No need to roll for not exhausting activity.

And, else if need, with a troupe of sta 4+ magi... no worries, only the botche... but yes, we have THE botching magus who use all the zero in the games