Actual Play threads: Yay or Nay?

I previously addressed the possibility of posting an actual play thread of my new Greater Alps saga. Unfortunately that one fell through as I couldn't seem to get all the players on the same page. Yet my Rhine saga is still running strong and has accumulated quite the history, and I'm about to start an online play of the Toframanna Saga with two friends. So I'm wondering: Is there interest in regular status updates on these games? Should I just post respective threads marked "Actual Play" in the general forum? Would you prefer two threads per game (one for session writeups, the other for general discussion) or should it be restricted to one thread per game?

Probably just one thread, that's my thought.

I could see two. One for actual write-ups of the events of the saga and another with conversation, general thoughts, and other such things. The reason I say two is that if I was reading the history of a saga sometimes having random conversation pieces break the flow of the story.

I agree!

I'm certainly enjoying this!

Mmmh, I wasn't unaware that people could be interested in actual plays of others' sagas. If so, we keep annals of the going-ons of our current (and recently started) Theban saga. So if anyone would be interested in that, I could post them as well...

isn't there a page on Project redcap for saga repositories as well?


By the way, I'd like to encourage people again to post feedback - that's part of the reason of doing these write-ups to begin with. :wink: I know there's not much to go on yet, but that situation will soon improve. Would two threads work better for this after all? I've also been thinking about opening a "GM only spoiler thread" which would feature long-term plans for the saga and maybe the process of stat-building. Thoughts?