Adding size magnitudes through Muto Vim

The change would be by a magnitude, so it's a significant change. The spell would have to be Form-specific in my opinion. Only question is: Is this the domain of Wizard's Boost or is it possible/necessary to make a specific spell for it?

It is certainly possible (IMAO) to do so.
Is it necessary, I think so.
But then, I generally dislike Wizard's Boost as written.

I would agree that it probably would have to be a form-specific spell, using Wizard's Boost as a template. (but I also dislike Wizard's Boost for that reason.)

I would say that it would NOT have to be specifically designed for the target spell. That is, if you had a "cause light wound" PeCo spell, you wouldn't have to have a specific MuVi spell designed for that one spell - you could just use a generic "increase the size modifier of a Corpus Spell by one magnitude" effect.

Ah, yes. Certainly.

The only instance I can recall of such magnitude altering effects aside from Wizard's Reach is in TMRE, in the name magic section.

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  2. MuVi guidelines.

I think that changes in target size would be rolled in to changes in target. A MuVi spell (Wizard's Expansion) that increased the target of its target spell one magnitude could either go from group to structure or from group to group (+1 size).

Same thought I had, and to include that scope within Flexlble Formulaic Magic virtue.