Adding Spell Effects to Aegis

I was thinking about the Aegis and the thought of wouldn't it be cool if magi could add spells to the Aegis so that during the Aegis duration said spells function all over of the Aegis.

One of the things I think would be cool is that it would be part of the Aegis' spell breakthrough ignoring being under a high level magical effect and so it wouldn't cause higher chances of Warping.

The interesting nature of this is that it would make the homes of Hermetic magi a much more fantastical and magical place to live.

I don't know how such a thing would be mechanically done, but I could see it being organized as if the Aegis was a magic item and the various spells weaved into it were powers added to an item.

Casting the Aegis would probably become a little more complicated each year, with man some additional rolls needed in order to make the various effects activate or exist, though I could see boost to rolls based on Aegis magnitude.

An example I had immediately thought of would be a Creo Aurum power that gave the area within the aegis the feel of a constant breeze.

I just had this thought and was interested in hearing what others thought of the concept.


PS. All one needs to do is discover the Perpetual duration from I forgot which book (It might be either Rival Magics or Ancient Magics) and make a breakthrough allowing an Aegis to exist forever, now we can have our highly ancient and mystically potent permanent sites that never loose their defenses. :slight_smile:

Sure, but the Soqotran's Perpetual Duration is a Hermetic Breakthrough. Those are pretty much considered off-limits to anyone but PCs. And yes, much like any Hermetic Breakthrough (such as making Parma into a shape-able spell guideline or becoming able to remove already-acquired Warping) except for breaking the Limit of the Lunar Sphere (or maybe even that!), you should reasonably expect it to shape the entire Order. Hermetic Breakthroughs are a big deal.

I'd personally require a Major or even Hermetic Breakthrough all its own to allow you to hinge multiple spells on one Ritual, reducing the time and vis compared to casting several Ritual spells, which you could fluff as tying multiple spells into your Aegis. But personally, I don't want people able to tie spells together; you cast one spell and get one effect. Anything else used in conjunction with the Aegis should be a separate spell with a cooperative function to the Aegis. Not some super-Aegis.