Additional Shape and Material (Form and Effect) Bonuses

I've searched through several past posts here (as far back as 2007, recent as 2012) and found some resources for shape and material bonuses (form and effect in 4th ed. and prior language) published since my beloved 4th ed.

Does anyone know of any sources published (on or off line) more recently than 2012?

I'm noticing at least one glaring example of an omitted mineral (hematite, and there's probably more) in the ArM 5 Indexing PDFs from Atlas and 5th ed. core is simply a repeat of the table from 4th ed. core.

Among canonic sources, there's a few omitance from the Atlas table, including such things as herbs and gems of virtue, things related to specific virtues (craft magic, etc.), animal parts frm Hermetic Project, some stuff from A&A. TSE Magnesian stones I think. Flint is derived from an item published in AtD p. 33. There also are a few homebrew options published in sources like Cornwall, Sub Rosa, Games from folktales. Personally, I've taken the published shape and material table and I rebuilt it with everything I found for my personalized database.


I just emailed the rest of my troupe with some discussion points and questions on this subject but I suspect we'll end up doing much as you did.

I was considering going down the same road at some point, and updating the table. Any chance of sharing your update?

With pleasure. Anything in yellow is fan-made material, including Cornwall, games from folktales, sub rosa, etc. References with "JR" is purely home brewed.


This is a great spreadsheet, but what are gff20 and PC1? And do you have links?

I figured gff20 is something from Games from Folktales, but I still could not find the reference.

GFF20 is games from folktales 2020. There are annual version of the PDF for years 2017-20 posted somewhere in this thread: Podcast news

PC1 is Peripheral Code issue 1 which is a fanzine.

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Thank you very much, @temprobe, for sharing this.


Cool list, I hope you don't mind if I use it :slight_smile: TXS