Adept game.

I like Unknown Armies magic system and I wish to run an Adept game, do anyone have any ideas? I was thinking of a bit CoC inspired horror consept where the charecters live together in an old, rundown mansion, studying their magic and end up unleashing somthing shtye should not have.

I'm participating in two play by posts. In one we are investigative journalists for an occult oriented 'zine. It's x-files-ish in that we investigate various occult situations.

In the second game, it's more of an extended road trip across american, with supernatural encounters along the way. I'm trying to go for a Carnival feel, but so far it's been more like Route 66. No one's complained, so I guess that's ok.

Sounds like realy fun games. I am a big X-files fan, I own the entire series on DVD and me and my fiance usualy sit watching it together. I love almost evry episode exept for the brain sucker one, it frightens me. I have not seen Carnivale or route 66 but the games sounds fun.

The only Unknown Armies Charcter I have played was an possesive occultist working in an occult store and she and her gang ended up failing to stop an avatar from steaing from our shop, but the game was grate, we ended up using the most time on just roleplaying, like the charecters going out to reant a movie, or discussing one anothers political wiews. It helped that I had a wonderful GM but still, it made me want to play this game again.

yeah, the route 66/traveling game has just started and to date no supernatural run ins. Just a lot of role playing. In the other game we've been involved in a fire fight. That was scary because unlikein other games we all realized we could die. We were scared of those bullets! No one got hit and we got out. We've seem some supernatural results, but no actual events yet. I'm thinking at least one of us is going to crack when we get to a story to witness it happening!

It reminds me of a congress game in World of Darkness once where we played hunters, we ended up in total chaos when we got in a real fight, my charecter fled under the table and sat lolling. It was a fun game.