Adventure - tips needed

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We are in the middle of an adventure and I must say I have a blackout. Please give me some hints.

The party: noncombatant Me/Im specialist 40 years out of gauntlet, an overconfident warrior-magus who rarely uses his limited magic, a young, dark PeCo specialist ally (pc) and four warriors including a Cuman grog.
They are on the Cuman steppes to investigate rumors about hundreeds of dragons who appeared there some years ago. There will be about 1-2 weeks until they reach the target area.
I desperately need help with some events without inns and cities which are somehow linked to the dragons. I have ideas what is true and false about the dragons their number etc but I would welcome fresh ideas. Nothing is fixed yet.
They are unable to kill a dragon with magic that's sure even there are some.

I don't have Hoh:TL opened up next to me, but...
The 5th Primus of House Tremere was deposed because he was a crazynecromancer who was looking for some kind of Artifact to summon a ghost army somewhere in that region.
This ghost army could help defeat the dragons (and give the mentem guy something to do). The other two blokes might get to see some action while retrieving the Artifact.

Other ideas:

  • sites of destruction left by dragons (burnt down forest), etc - look it up in Tolkien's Silmarillion.
  • someone dying in the magi's arms who rveals something
  • a con man trying to sell information to dragon tourists
  • a horse that becomes sick (teaches the players to be humble - a simple problem but hard to solve because no one knows the spells).
  • a vision/dream (if you use a dream: maybe you don't tell the players but make them sweat and suffer horrible injuries and losses - and tell them: it was only a dream later; reward: some piece of information)
  • kill a grog or two to make it clear how dangerous it is (like Kirk's redshirts)


Encountering the cold ashes of an ex-village is traditional, is it not?

This all could be an infernal plot of course. Infernal dragons aren't much of a stretch.

You could always find some unlucky villager tied to a stake in a remote area in the hopes of pacifying the dragon.

Encountering other dragon hunters, even rival dragon hunters could be interesting. You'd have the initial encounter. Then you could have them encounter half their party after they (either successfully or not) encountered a dragon or four. Then you could have them save them later on in the big finale, or vice versa.

They might even turn into long-term allies or rivals afterwards.


Village-less areas do not mean people-less areas. THey can easily come across some cuman communities. Maybe the horses become sick as stated above and they nedecd to contact some cumans to get new ones. Stuff can happen there :slight_smile:

They can feel observed... while being in the middle of nowhere and with no hidding places around. Except tall grass, that is. They were bad at intellego you said? :slight_smile: This can be a spirit sent by a shama, a dragon, a kid or hunter in the grass, or a fox with specially penetrating eyes.

How do they light a fire at night? In a treeless area?

Ever went in circles die to lack of reference points?

What if the drafgons are completely false? Who spread the rumors? And why?

They could find an egg!

Is it a dragon egg? Another creature's? A fake? An illusion?

The egg is a cool idea. Give it massive MR so it cannpot be scanned and there you go with them wondering if they have a dragon egg. Of course it can be anything you want it to be. :smiling_imp: :wink:


You might want to check out The Desolation of Dragons, from a D&D book but it might give you some ideas.

Maybe it's just one of the most perfect manifestations of an egg-shaped stone, and is therefore magical!

And maybe it is unrelated,and hatches into a stone monkey, who has cool Criamon powers.

That'll stop 'em. :unamused:

A roughly egg-shaped thing that is not really an egg (or just not a dragon egg) - LOTS of possibilities there, and easy to play on the Players' meta-expectations, appearing to follow a well-known formula but then taking a hard left turn. (And that way, even if they DO read this, they will have to keep second guessing themselves, and where the plot is going.)

Maybe it's just not Animal or Vim, maybe it's Elemental? And/or high MR. But something easy to solve, just not obvious, that's my preferred approach - adds to the "D'oh!" factor when they DO figure it out. (Or some obscure and ancient magical item of power - damn, you can't walk but trip over one it seems.)

Or it was an egg, but has been changed, enhanced/enchanted/changed, or is both - or could be, depending - an egg to be hatched or something more, depending how it's handled.

But meanwhile, who has it, or knows of its location? Maybe a town has it, and they demand a trade, to solve other problems they have?

Some noble owns this land and is in charge of its welfare and concerned with its prosperity (and/or his own skin) - what is he and/or his doing about it? What are his neighbors doing now that he's busy? What is the local Church doing? The Locals themselves?

(And once the magi have it, if it is NOT organic, maybe it is part of a set, and the other one is... still with the dragon? Story seed, for later, that's sure to eat at one or more of the PC's...)

While "dragons" is the expected encounter, anything that comes with dragons, or that they leave behind them, is valid - from dung to heartbreak, lawlessness or desperation, treasure hunters or would-be heroes, predators or refugees - any of those is a mini-adventure seed.

If a dragon does what they do best, they are burning what's handy, eating flocks and virgins and hoarding/raiding treasure - any of these that slipped thru the cracks (for the time being?) is fair game.

But I will tell you this - in my experience, the best idea is not to nail it down, not yet. Have "something" - and not decide, one way or the other, until you have to, until the Magi actually have it in their hot little hands and are in a position to crack its secrets. Once they do, and long before that, you as SG will have heard all their fears and hopes and "what if's" - and have a MUCH better idea of what will make a good story. And since no one knows what it is until a PC actuall finds out, delaying changes nothing in their eyes - so long as you can spin a good tale. :wink:

Thanks for everybody!

You gave me some good ideas I can build into the story.

Maybe they encounter sick hatchling dragons. How they deal with the hatchlings may well influence the Dragons. I.e. if they slaughter them all for the sake of expedience, then some dragon somewhere is gonna be miffed. They could try and harness them as weapons...miffed mummsy comes looking for them. Or they could investigate what is making them sick (anything from natural conditions, malevolent fae or nasty hedge wizards) and help heal them giving them an 'in' to neogotiate with the dragons.

Fortunately, AM does not work this way. However, if the Players are all new to AM and used to some other games (ahem), they may act out of kneejerk reflex. Any SG should make clear that one does not learn French by killing a dragon, nor gain any XP just from slaughter for slaughter's sake, one gains XP from "dealing with the situation."

But the suggestion is still a worthy one, nice, if a bit volatile. I know some Players/Characters who would just tiptoe away as quickly as possible, suspecting (rightly?) that any interaction would put them in waaay over their heads. :laughing:

It's not? Bah. What about only good fairie is charcoaled faerie and all that? :wink:

That is because fairie meat has less cholesterol than dragon meat!

Mmm, pooka steak. The only meat fit for the lord's table!

Dragon Steak, with Hot Sauce. Faeries make for good burning, but they are lousy eating.

Dragon steak and feyburger? :smiley:

I have no idea what they would do. Their quest is to explore the situation.