Adventures in Brief

For 1140

: one more year, consolidating Roger II grasp on his territories in southern Italy, still in the spring.
Sandor and 1139's lot a) 1 cycle (outdoors) ch:12 b) 1 cycle (combat) ch:12 c) 2 cycles (commerce/goodwill, outdoor) ch:6 d) 2 cycles (legal/diplomatic, outdoor) ch:9 e) 1 cycle (combat) ch:6 f) 3 cycles (combat, magic, combat) ch:9
g) 3 cycles (magic, legal/diplomatic, commerce/goodwill) ch:9


3 ) Glorianas search for resonant materials- fall one cycle, magic, challenge 18 Gloriana/MR/Francesco/Mercurio/Phillippe Huntsman ask Danaë
4 ) Honor's defense- as Honor has not responded to any of Roger II call for men during his long war, he can expect a visit from his troops consolidating his power in Italy. The first question will be who is in charge of the campaign and how best to deal with them (fall, 1 cycle investigation, challenge: 9) Honor, Anna, Fang, and Aegis , Gloriana/MR/Francesco/Mercurio/Phillippe Huntsman, Danaë, as long as there's no direct confrontation of troops except by trickery and illusion

A Guernicus mage has been asked to investigate claims of diabolism where he has a potential conflict of interest, and has asked the covenant to supply an investigator in his place, for which he will be indebted to them. (winter, one cycle, social, challenge 12) Anna, Fang and Aegis, Sandor and his [strike]thugs[/strike] friends Hanbal and Noll
2 ) Sybilla overhears from faerie hiding in her bower how a certain Lady, widowed by the war fairly recently, is in fact a faerie who plans to torment her suitors while Roger endeavors to find her a replacement husband and settle her estates. (winter, one cycle, magic challenge:9) Sybilla, Mercurio, Sandor, Hanbal, Noll, Patrice, Rudolph the Huntsman

Uh oh. This roger character sounds unfriendly.

Honor, Anna, Fang, and Aegis. Then she'll request Hadrian, Roberto, Master Archer Fletch, Silvio, and Ubon; that's archery section three. She'll also requisition the knights. Regina, Jinam, Sigourney, Boyce. She shall ask for help from her covenmates as well. We can't let the mundanes push us around!

Anna, Fang and Aegis will join in for this one.

Since Sandor is a strong ally of Roger II, who also controls the lands of many pf the vis sources, it will require either the consent of Lady A/Sandor or the support of a majority of magi to commit the armsmen to assisting in the defense of Honor's property.

Oliverius will default to more work in the lab, unless specifically requested.
Neleos follows his master's orders, and otherwise stays in dark, quiet places that don't disturb his nocturnal style. maybe some midnight reading again, that was fun.
Mercurio, intrepid adventurer, will offer to assist in everything except for the war (5).

I believe we are still waiting for Leo to weigh in on activities...
it might be a good idea for Eldarin to start weighing in on Bravery's responses as well...

Mom, can I be of any help?

Other than that I don't think Bravery would interact or participate. Unless of course his mother sends him.

I also started two threads, Conversations in the library

Sandor is definitely opposed to using "his" forces to defend Honor's lands. "Strategically unsound. All these veterans are well-known to Roger's forces. I am very well-known to Roger himself, and to all of southern Italy. To send us to oppose him would likely ignite a war again, Roger could not afford to have the Knight of Siderno rebel, and some of those who have already bent the knee would rise. It's an avoidable disaster, frankly. And I choose not to do so as well. He is my liege lord, after all. Sandor stares proudly at the Council. Bah, Roger knows that you are a wizardly cabal, engage him on that level. Mayhap Count Honor and his lands are cursed, and thus undesirable, maybe they prevent the curse from spreading, ehh? Extol some esoteric value he has to you, useless to a King, but valuable for wizards to steward in his stead. Looking at Honor Maybe hint he is poor as well, and with few men-at-arms to defend his feeble possessions, eh, Honor, none to spare? How are your accounts, time to dab the walls and the faces with the wattle and the mud to sell the ruse, ha! Really missed the boat on this one, the estates were there for the taking, 10 years of this, man!

Lady A is much more diplomatic and gentle, she counsels against the loss of life in battle, directly opposing Roger not in defense of the Covenant is forbidden by the Code, and would squander all the influence and favor they currently have earned with the sovereign. Diplomacy and the currying of favors and the narration of varying levels of truth is the way forward, she believes, together with a dose of subtlety, magical suggestions and timely illusions. Surely this council cannot countenance a military endeavor, or even worse, magical warfare, save as a ruse.

Gloriana is ready to aid her sister maga, in a support capacity, but she cannot break the Code. We can find ways to skirt it, though! Trickery and subtlety make sense to her to handle this situation.

Andros dislikes this arrogant Sandor fellow, but it seems he and his mother make sense. No troops. He will aid in indirect and supportive ways, but will not help directly unless the course forward is diplomatic/tricky/behind-the scenes.

Danaë is all for intrigue and back-room deals. "I know some people! We can certainly bribe the officers, but will they keep their mouth shut? They never do, but certainly can all meet with unfortunate accidents, after the deal is done! Yea, because the knights charging the king's troops might be glorious, but yes, breaking the Code! And several Quaesitors nearby, slipperiest of slopes! " No troops. Danaë has Area Lore Italy 6 with spec on Nobility, how are Honor's lands, are they rich, are they just average, any likely useful legend? Are his peasants loyal? Didn't he look a terror not long ago (no offense meant!), so this curse idea might fit the narrative?

The lands are a fairly typical manorial estate, producing 20 pounds of silver per year in revenue through goods, services of peasants and food. It covers 1 square mile in total.

Aurthor, Arduino and Pazzino will don't have adventures this year.

Will update for all! Welcome back!

  1. helping the Guernicu: winter, one cycle, social, challenge 12
  2. faerie noble: winter, one cycle, magic challenge:9
  3. Gloriana's search for resonant materials: one cycle, magic, challenge 18
  4. Honor's defense - fall 1 cycle investigation, challenge:8
  5. war(ish) a) 1 cycle (outdoors) ch:12 b) 1 cycle (combat) ch:12 c) 2 cycles (commerce/goodwill, outdoor) ch:6 d) 2 cycles (legal/diplomatic, outdoor) ch:9 e) 1 cycle (combat) ch:6 f) 3 cycles (combat, magic, combat) ch:9
    g) 3 cycles (magic, legal/diplomatic, commerce/goodwill) ch:9

unlikely to actually use g), apparently simply getting there with a show of force is often enough to accomplish these goals...

Updated! But, added only to 1 adventure in Winter, Gloriana forbids Winter adventures for Sybilla and Mercurio, am assuming they both still go to Sybilla's one (as Mercurio was after that action), playing hooky. Does Mercurio still go to adventure 1?

Hehe, edited just moments before.

silveroak, questions:

Had removed Mercurio from 1 awaiting raccoonmask's response about

but now difficulty and cycles have been rolled. Should I just add him back?

Also, Sandor had put his "Managing Holdings" season in Spring in the Google sheet, assuming the War was done. Can he then preempt another season in 1140 to do the Managing action?

Is the Honor's defense challenge of 8 or 18? Cause it says 8, but that doesn't seem right...

Mercurio is more interested in Gloriana and Sybilla than the people going on adventure 1, so will stay and work with the ladies.

Honor's defense should be challenge 9. I don't know what my fingers were thinking.

Danae: Intrigue (6)+Int(2)+Assist(1)+Stress(0)=9, no botch, botch check(3)
Aegis: Second Sight(6)+Per(3)+Stress(4)=13, Success!
Danae: Folk Ken(5)+Com(5)+Stress(7)=17 Success!

The men of a nearby noble, one of Rodger's Lackeys, sends men to nearby towns on "vacation" as a blatant scouting attempt. The women of the group easily "disguise" themselves and get plenty of information out of the noble's men. The noble is in charge of the campaign to intimidate/check on Honor. Anna has decided to call the noble Rackey. Disturbingly Anna and Aegis notice a ambition spirit hovering nearby one of the men, and Anna notices two more of the men have imps whispering in their ears.

There wasn't anything implicitly infernal about this and I don't see how merely noticing infernal spirits prodding Roger's me would resolve the issue. The fact that it can be resolved through investigation alone implies a lack of complications, not excess layers, and while there certainly can be people in Roger's service who are influenced by infernal spirits the plot itself is a natural consequence of your decision to stay out of the conflicts.

Okay two things:

  1. I had assumed this was only quest one out of a potential series of quests. Is that not true? Is this supposed to be dealt with?
  2. I wasn't thinking of this as an infernal sourced plot, but opportunistic imps and spirits encouraging what was already there. They act as confirmation that these people are the investigators. Does that make more sense?