Adventures in Brief

Poltergeist? Bravery is interested to join immediately.

I have no idea, what exactly I would have to do now... I re-read fast advancement rules, but I know only so much more...

Since Danae is on his work rotation you would no be able to join.

Mmh, ok...

What is the hedge tradition?

Is there a chance for Bravery to get some own Vis? Mentem? Corpus? Any technique?

Same question here?

Hi eldarin!

To explain a bit, the Redcap Mythic Companion Danaë occasionally (only the second time it’s happened!) falls into adventures while doing her messenger duties. She can’t participate in adventures while on such duties, but neither can others help her if an adventure involving those duties happens to be rolled.

Re: the Hedge Tradition: one of the possible rewards in Covenant adventures is choosing a new Boon, and it has to be balanced by a Hook. In this case, an adventure involving a Merinita wizard with the Gentle Gift and allied with hedge traditions in Italy, the Hidden Resources Boon + Minor Favors Hook (to the Merinita). silveroak chooses what is discovered when adventures involving Hidden Resources are completed, up to an eventual 250 BPs.

Re: Vis: short answer: Fat chance! 8) Long answer: finding vis in adventures for personal use can only be chosen once as a reward/adventure, not per person. As such, the person declaring the adventure, or a magus (as they have precedence) tend to be the ones to choose it, and that’s that. In theory, the vis should also be adventure appropriate, and the person searching should have some way of finding/identifying the pawns. In Andros’s case, he is specifically adventuring for vis, so he’ll take all of it, if found. I’d imagine even Bravery’s mom would do the same!

Also, since Bravery is like 7 years old (?), it’s doubtful the invitations for adventures will be overwhelming the mailbox anytime soon. In 1112 a Ritual botch made every female participant pregnant, which resulted in Sandor, Mercurio, Sybilla, etc, being born, and they went in a couple of adventures together as teens. Sandor as a kid had an adventure when he was 6, due to his Visions flaw!
Anna has taken infants on adventures, so pestering Mother sounds like a good opportunity to do this.

Well, I am just trying to get used to how things work - and silveroak proposed I should start to declare what Bravery is doing.
For now I suppose it's going to be "advancing".

Maybe I'll trigger an adventure with a pilgrimage to the Levant (to find out more about En Dor).
Or getting some "material" for necromantic research... Though - if I read correctly - the war is over unfortunately... Anyway, there might still be a lot of "material" out there without proper burial.

How would I trigger adventures for Bravery? Evandrus ghost might provide some stories, maybe...


1 ) COVENANT a small covenant is looking for legal help and calling in a favor, as the river which defined one side of their granted estate shifted and Roger II people are trying to assess a survey cutting the covenant lands in half, and potentially risking a vis source. Choice of Season, one cycle (legal/diplomatic) challenge:12 Pazzino, Sandor + Mercurio + Danaë + Adrianna shield grog + Aegis + Leaf + Phillippe Huntsman + Al Wazif
5 ) Andros spring vis quest- one cycle (social) challenge:9 Andros/SR, ask Lady A, Gervassio, Neleos, Sandor, Aegis
6 ) Danae seeking the hidden resources of the Augustinian Brotherhood 1 cycle (outdoor) challenge:18 Danaë + Phillippe Huntsman + Al Wazif + Sandor + Aegis + Leaf
7 ) Jinn quest - 2 cycles (social, investigation) challenge:6 Danaë
8 ) seeking hidden resources of the hedge tradition: 1 cycle (investigation) challenge:12 Danaë + Sybilla + Phillippe Huntsman + Al Wazif + Aegis + Leaf

2 ) Danae finds one of her waypoints in bad repair after a poltergeist has apparently done some damage to it. summer- three cycles (commerce/goodwill, legal/diplomatic, investigation) challenge:9 - Danaë + possible Jinn
4 ) Arduino's sister, living near Verdi, has come down with a severe illness during the summer, and she has suspicions it is part of some rivalry within the Verditious 6 cycles (criminal/spy, criminal/spy, legal/diplomatic, legal/diplomatic, social, criminal/spy) challenge:12 Arduino + Raimondo + archer Pietro + Oliverius + Pazzino + Bonaro The Shield Captain + Anvy
9 ) Andros summer vis quest - one cycle (religious/spiritual) challenge:6 Andros/SR, ask Pazzino, Paco + Petra


3 ) Sybilla is plagued by faerie spirits when shifting soils unleashes them from Persephone's portal, and they have some sordid accusations about the war crimes which left them dead winter, 2 cycles (criminal/spy, criminal/spy) challenge: 9 - Sybilla + Patrice + Mercurio + Armani shield grog + Ancell Huntsman Again the Lab assistants playing hooky!

[strike]Choice of Season, Andros won't go, Gloriana might go in the Fall, Danaë can help in Spring, Sandor can go in any season, Lady A could help in Summer or Fall, Sybilla can help in Summer and Fall.[/strike] SPRING it is!'

*edited after silveroak's post to include cycles + challenge level

Bravery is 12, not 7.
If next year bravery wants to initiate an adventure there is a faerie regio at the covenant as well as a magical regio that a young man might decide to explore. Vis could be an award for either adventure, but he would probably have to only bring other children with him to make sure it remains his adventure.

How does it work technically? I would roll for setting, season, type, difficulty (after characters are committed) and complexity. Then, after covenant adventure, I roll challenges and come up with a short story of what exactly happened?
Bravery is probably not too well prepared for adventures... Focused a lot on arts lately, instead of abilities. And... no spells yet and dangerous spontaneous magic... Anyway, what bad thing could happen...

If adventure reward is my choice I would probably take a mentor for area lore: Canaan. If that is unlikely to happen I should probably go on pilgrimage to the Levant and adventure there. Evandrus ghost might then point me to some other ghost or whatever with some knowledge about En Dors location...

The easiest way to trigger an adventure is to say: I'm going on an adventure! (Put it into your spreadsheet as your plan for the season with a QUEST marker on it.) Mercurio is happy to share with young Bravery the story of him and his young-aged companions all running off and raiding a faerie market for vis in their youth, a dozen or so years ago. Quest rewards are usually divvied up by the person who rolls it out, and usually the lead magus in a particular quest.

If Arduino mentions the problem to Oliverius, he would offer assistance in #4, but being blatantly gifted he shouldn't be brought along for any social issues. I'm curious as to season and opening adventure type for #1 before I decide about Olvierius on that.
Mercurio will want to assist beautiful Sybila on #3.
Neleos is disappointed in how much uninteresting things he's being assigned to deal with, but will obey. Is he being taken on either of the vis-quest adventures by Andros?

#1 is choice of season

Thanks, will update! What is the first cycle type, though?

Neleos can come with Andros on the Spring vis quest, his instruction will include practical demonstrations!
Mercurio is most welcome in the warm [strike]bosom[/strike] embrace of Sybilla!
Arduino´s adventure currently only has him + ??


For #4 Arduino will bring Pazzino, shield grog Raimondo and archer Pietro. He talks about his sister's concerns about a Verditius's involvement with Oliverius and would be happy if the magus decided to join him.

Pazzino will partecipate to #9 and offers his help for #1.

Leaf and Aegis will ask to join the Spring quests. Aegis is looking for adventure and she's dragging Leaf out of the library

Anna's family will not be adventuring this year.

Updated!, Danaë welcomes them to 6 and 8. Andros's adventure's first cycle is social, so Leaf is not welcome to that one, though Aegis certainly can come.

We still have no consensus for adventure #1's season. If it's in Spring, Danaë can help, and Aegis and Leaf have stated they want to go on Spring adventures.

Updated! Will anyone else join #4's group (another shield grog, maybe)?

I'll follow your suggestion Ignes.Festivus.

Arduino recruits also Bonaro The Shield Captain and his forge companion Anvy. Oh, there's Pazzino too, I can't see him in the adventures recap.

Fixed and updated!

please note I did update mission 1 with the first cycle of legal/diplomatic, now if we can get the season and people assigned we will be ready to proceed.