Adventures in Brief

The following combination for resolution:
Spring: Aurthor seeks an apprentice- 2 rounds, threshold 12, both diplomatic/legal

Summer: Gabrielle confronts the town plagued by faeries blaming the covenant: difficulty 9, two section- 1st social, second combat

Winter: Sherriff approaches with a warrant for Aurthor , handled by Pazzino, difficulty 12, only one cycle

Gabriele will use Folk Ken (townsfolk) 3 + Communication 2 for the social roll, and Thrown Weapons (knives) 3 + Dexterity 1 for the combat roll.

Each challenge requires 3 rolls, not one, as per the rules described on the wiki.
In fact you can do the rolls yourself- each challenge has to be met with a different combination of ability and attribute, three per section, but if you want to roll on Coyotecode, I will accept those results.

For the Social Interaction:
CoyoteCode #148819
Die Roll: 2 + 2 Charm + 2 Communication + 3 Confidence = 9 Success
Die Roll: 9 + 1 Carouse + 0 Presence = 10 Success
Die Roll: 5 + 4 Folk Ken (townsfolk) +1 Intelligence = 10 Success

For the Combat:
CoyoteCode #148845
Die Roll: 9 + 2 Brawl +1 Strength = 12 Success
Die Roll: 8 + 2 Stealth + 0 Quickness = 10 Success
Die Roll: 1, 9 (#148846): 18 + 4 Thrown Weap (knife) + 1 Dexterity = 23 Success

Upon arriving in the town, Gabriele chats up the local baker to better determine the issues the town is having with the faeries, and to determine any other relevant rumors that might be circulating. The baker, knowing most of the townsfolk, provides information about the faerie situation, about a group of ruffians seen in the area, and about a wedding that took place in the spring before the faerie trouble. That evening, Gabriele engages some of the folk in games and drinking songs, gaining their trust, and determining from their conversation that the earlier wedding party had, in their exuberance, almost denuded the vis-bearing meadow of one kind of wild flower. He successfully convinced the townsfolk that the local thugs and the missing flowers were actually the cause of the faerie troubles.

Of course, the thugs are not happy about being called out, and attempt to waylay Gabriele that night, thinking him too drunk to be a problem. After grappling with an attacker, Gabriele sneaks around to surprise a second thug. The ruffian attempted to run away, but found it difficult to run with Gabriele's throwing knives pinning him to the wall. When some townsfolks' missing items were discovered on the ruffians, the locals were quite convinced that the ruffians were indeed the cause of the faerie trouble after all.

[size=85]Edited to reflect the use of Stealth rather than Brawl, with narrative adjustment.[/size]

You will have also learned that the thugs were - with enough removal to not come afoul of the code, agents of the Sylvanian Covenant, which had controlled this vis supply previously.
However you used brawl twice in your combat selection- stealth can be used as a part of a combat encounter, you might substitute that for one of them... which keeping the rolls you have will still result in success.
You have 12 experience from the adventure (which replaces the exposure experience for the season), and may select two rewards, from either the individual or the covenant rewards (1 each is fine)

So Aurthor attempt his first social set
Com+Charm +5
Int+Guile +3
Pre+Leadership -2 (he could use any skill as all his social abilities are zero, so these are all at base stat)
Coyotecode 148889 - 4, 9, 10, so result 9, 12, potential botch. I will spend 1 confidence on the first roll to make a 12 and succeed.
Reroll with 4 dice (1 for stressful situation, 3 for using ability with zero xp in it)
coyotecode 148892 - 8,4,5,10 - so 1 botch!
Results so far - 2 success and 1 botch, so one reward, one loss and one extra day of time.

Using different attributes for the second set
Sta + Artes Liberales(rhetoric) as I make a long speech +2 (I have one dice in this so no extra botch dice)
Per + Folk Ken to read the crowd -2 - I will try and boost this using Aura of ennobled presence which gives a +2bonus for being 2nd magnitude
Qik + Etiquette to make a really quick apology 0
so 2 ability rolls, spellcasting then 1 more ability roll
coyotecode 148894 6, 9, 7, 4 so results 8, 7, spell is cast so +2 bonus brings 2nd result up to 9, and 4. I will spend a confidence to bring 1st result up to 11. Two successes, so I gain 1 reward.

Time taken is base 12 + 2 sets of rolls + 1 botch, total 15 days. Do I need another activity for the other 75 days of this month?

Rewards - new character (Anna the apprentice), 1 confidence (so I am down one point). Losses - taking a wound at this difficulty will kill a small-framed character, so I will take a negative reputation of 1 point - Socially Awkward.

Aurthor tried to confidently charm Anna's family and tell them what they wanted to hear. Sadly his attempts to be charismatic failed and nearly brought the family to blows. One long speech full of classical allusions later, the family conceded he may have a point about ensuring Anna's place in this world. A quick casting of Aura of Ennobled Presence and better reading of the family's emotions meant they were able to accept his offer to take their daughter away to a place of scholarship where she would be safe, but the sheer number of social faux pas has given Aurthor a poor reputation.

Given the nature of this adventure, assume the other 75 days were following up on rumors and reports to locate the child.

In retrospect my noncommittal responses were a terrible idea. I'm going to err on the side of having Aegis not there, but Silveroak feel free to overrule me. This was clearly my bad.

Pazzino - will use Int+Civil&Canon Law to think about his legal argument (+6)
Per + Folk Ken to work out what his opponents real agenda is (+6)
Com + Bargain(legal disputes) to argue the merits of his case (+8)

Code coyote 148912 1,1,3 - so that's a 12 on the first roll!
code coyote 148913 6,9
Overall results 18, 12, 15 - three successes!

So he succeeds in 13 days, gets 1 reward +5xp - I will put the xp into Civil & Canon Law. Was this a covenant adventure or an individual one? If it's individual, I'll take the confidence point just in case I do a super difficulty adventure in future.

Pazzino carefully rehearsed his case well before the townsfolk met him. He took people to one side, and soon realised why they were going for Aurthor. He cut a deal which made sure there were no repercussions for Aurthor, and that the covenant's reputation is not sullied.

He discovered that the people had in fact been swindled, but that it was a case of mistaken identity. The rest worked out as written. Remember that is a total of 6 xp. up to 5 can be put into a single ability (or art)
It was an individual adventure.
Given the length of the adventure you can choose between 6 points from the adventure or 13 points from reading the book for 2/3 of a season... if you take the book experience you still get the other rewards from the adventure, including the one base confidence point as well as the reward confidence.

Okay, I've edited the text a bit to reflect the use of Stealth.
I am thinking the Covenant reward might be the beginning of a reputation in the area, not sure for what yet.
The individual reward will be a confidence points.
As for experience ... 5 point in Thrown Weapon, 5 points in Folk Ken, 2 points in Carouse.

I missed the bottom note on agencies on the fast advancement page at first. I'm thinking it would be worth trying to recruit at least one of the thugs ... need to check HoH:S when I can get to my books. If I go this route, I may spend the 2 points here, rather than in Carouse.

agent experience is separate from advancement experience- you either use it after the adventure or it is lost... make the roll to impress to recruit, I will create agent stats if successful.

Adventures for 1101:

  1. The wife of one of the Norman Lords believes whe has been cursed by a local witch, and they are requesting assistance in either persuading the wife there is no such hex, or if there is in persuading the witch to remove it (may be undertaken any season, covenant adventure)
  2. In the summer of 1101, a high level courtier of the Normans has asked to meet with someone from the covenant regarding the odd behaviors of one of his men, in which he suspects supernatural influence. Apparently word of this odd behavior has also reached a Guernicus, who is simultaneously investigating the covenant in this regard. Any approach is acceptable.
  3. In the spring Ouragen notices faeries paying pranks on people around him- the end result of which is that some of the peasantry from the nearby town have filed a complaint with the church about the possibility of charges of whichcraft (this adventure is personal, and carries an extra botch die from previous seasons of ill omen)
  4. Evandrus has been tasked by the Neo Mercurians to secure a site which they believe may be the location of an entryway into the Fallen Temple of Mercury as there are other forces moving to secure the same site to other ends. This is combat based.

Can Evan take the shield section of grogs? Since its combative and all? Aegis too since she's reasonably tough and has a small smattering of combat skills.

After looking at the agencies rules, I think Gabriele would not be inclined to recruit someone at this point.

Taking the entire shield section might cause issues, taking a couple of them should not. Unless the other players are willing to allow you to use the covenants entire shield section for a mission on behalf of your cabal... that however should probably be discussed in the council chamber thread instead of here...

Forgot to add- Evandrus Spring adventure (search for apprentice)- free choice of methods to pursue the first step.

Please keep in mind that we have a lot of years to go through, and getting people assigned to these quick adventures in a timely manner is crucial. Each set of adventures is a multi-step process and getting that accomplished in a week means not dallying on any of the steps. I can understand that not everyone can post everyday, and that there will be some delays as we get the game going into this phase, but you can simultaneously discuss the game rules regarding language development in one thread and assign who will be addressing adventure challenges in another.

Andros is really not suited to the whole meeting with mundanes and convincing them of things, or I'd have volunteered him for something.

number 2 has the option that you may choose any category you wish to deal with it, at least for the first challenge. You can also bring more socially adept grogs or companions along to assist.

Also it appears I have forgotten a story challenge- In the spring it appears that some undetermined natural event has forced open Persephone's gate. Player choice on how to deal with the problem.

That being said "I don't believe I can help" is infinitely better than silence, because everyone waiting for someone else to respond first just drags out the game.

Pazzino will have a go at number two by using Folk Ken to see if his man is enchanted or faking it, and using other social skills to convince people it wasn't the covenant.

If we get desperate Pazzino will fill in for adventure number one as it can be done any time, but in between adventuring and working he'll have no free time.