Adventures in Brief

Adventure 1: Social, difficulty 12
Pazzino to attempt Per + Folk Ken (6), Gabriele to attempt Com + Charm (4) and Pre+Guile (3)
[url=] 5,6,7 rolled total 11, 10, 10 - Pazzino uses the Faith from his relic, Gabriele spends 1 confidence on each of his 2 rolls - overwhelming success!
First reward - confidence, so Pazzino is up while Gabriele comes out even. Other reward - I suggest we get a copy of the faerie charter that was offered, so we get 4 points of faerie-aligned Rego vis (As a faerie agreement is surely Rego)

Pazzino carefully works out who can be influenced, and tell Gabriele who to use his powers of persuasion on. The town elders are a tough crowd because of what the faeries have said, but Gabriele's sheer confidence wins the day. The faerie leave in disgust, leaving a document that looks unusual to Pazzino's second sight. Pazzino suggests they sell the faerie document to the covenant.

Adventure 2: Difficulty 9 - legal/diplomatic - Pazzino will handle all of these with Com + civil/canon law (7), Sta + Artes Liberales (6), Pre + Folk Ken (6)
Magic - Pazzino uses Int + Faerie Lore (4), then Qik+ Awareness (3), and so Aegis doesn't feel left out he can do Per + Second Sight (2)
[url=] - get 8,3,0 then 2,9,6 for second set. Totals 15, 9, 6 if not a botch, and 6, 12, 9.
Botch die - [url=] 7, not a botch. Pazzino uses his relic on the first one and a point of confidence on the second one.
Pazzino makes a staggering quotation of law, makes an epic speech which leaves everyone desperate to settle, and influences the right townspeople. Investigating what the problem is, it seems to be Faeries intent on enacting a "rags to riches and then rags again" story with our Redcap as the hero. Pazzino figures out the trend, and works out the dice must be a faerie in disguise. Aegis, with his mighty second sight, works out which dice have been switched and takes them outside. Aegis' might thwarts any attempts at revenge from petty fae.

Rewards - total of 4 - Aegis, what should we do? As we get one confidence for the adventure Pazzino won't be down any. Shall we take individual reputation for our individual rewards>
Covenant rewards for this one - suggest one notch on Mercer House (if we ever make 20, we can retake it and get 3 points of boons). With the other 3, we could raise covenant morale. Of course, as we did favours for the Mercer House maybe we could ask Mercere for an unused redcap item awaiting allocation.

He isn't going after the fallen temple of Persephone, he is searching for the fallen temple of Mercury, which is something that, if he could find it, would boost his reputation with the Milites (and a few others)
towards that end you have 7 quest points accumulated plus 2 points per reward you use on quest points unless you spend all 4 (for 7 points instead of 8 )

Ahh, I did not realize this. :frowning: Let me see how I change this utterly without changing skills/stats/rolls used.

Hmm, searching in the adventures, I only found that Evandrus had gone in a combat mission for the New Mercurians, related to the Temple of Mercury. Is Andros at odds with Evandrus?

Trying to do too much too fast I confused myself over who had gotten which quest from which organization.
Not sure the best way to patch this- you could decide it is a cooperative quest, or to be in competition. Or Evandrus might decide he doesn't want to follow up on it...

I vote for covenant morale (loyalty) and a notch on the hook.

Well Andros is extremely interested in learning or Initiating Flawless Magic, as he feels this is very important to a combat mage...and to pass on to his future student. Is this something in the purview of the Neo Mercurians?
It would mean a teacher that can reach an immense SQ 36 (or SQ 33 by sticking him with a minor flaw, or SQ 27 with a Major Flaw), or an Initiation or two, and Organization Lore. I was going to propose doing quests for the Milites for just that purpose, but if we can do this through the Neo Mercurians, I don't think their aims are at odds with House Flambeau in general. Not really looking to join a Mystery Cult.

How would we go about this? I am still trying to reconcile the new story and the rolls, unfortunately.

Total of 4 means a total of 4, not 4 covenant and 4 individual awards.

Mystery cults initiate members, they do not provide teaching services to teach virtues.

Got it, thanks.

OK adventure 1 will take individual rewards - Confidence and vis.

Adventure 4 will take covenant rewards - 1 notch on Mercer House and 3 points of covenant morale.

I went ahead and edited the post for adventure #7 in 1104, with a narrative. I will repost this:

Andros will hand over the quest points to his sodales Evandrus, Quite Possibly a Cat in exchange for some future favor of a similar nature. I will take 2 rewards and leave the other 2 to Pazzino, darkwing

I will take correspondence on Magic theory and on Parma Magica as my 2 rewards.


  1. A band of thugs attempts to extort information about Persephonies gate, apparently trying to find out if the recently deceased Simon of Sicily could be contacted through it. summer adventure, first activity combat, tied to gate & regio
  2. A storm drives a ship into the shore near your covenant, which has supplies and messages regarding plans for an attack on your mundane allies- this may be dealt with in any season, first activity is combat.

Andros has a Quest in the Fall planned, so quite willing to also take 2) on in the Fall. I imagine this might also have Magic and Legal challenges. If nobody else volunteers, will also go to 1). I will let the others express their wishes, for their Magi and Companions. 1) might require Second Sight or good Intellego.

I am unclear what you mean by "quest for the Milites" - realistically you should indicate what you are seeking with a given quest...

No doubt! :wink: Didn't realize I had not explained what it meant.

I am interested in gaining traction with that faction through voluntary quests in their service to accumulate enough cred for perhaps a year of teaching with a really really great teacher. Initially to be taught Flawless Magic, if at all possible, then being taught Teaching, the skill itself, and perhaps Leadership. Don't know how quests accumulate points, but from your reward system, I see the mentor reward, so perhaps spending rewards both for my reputation and for mentor on a cumulative basis, after each such adventure, could get Andros there?

Quest points accumulate towards accomplishing a specific quest goal you are trying for- finding a lost city or temple, finding a familiar, etc. They aren't generic brownie points to be spent where you want them...
If you want flawless magic realistically you should be looking for a mystagogue, which means first finding a mystery tradition to initiate into... Milites is not a mystery tradition, and the target to teach you flawless magic would be extremely high, and this game doesn't posit anonymous sources of education for magi except in the pre-game... so if you want to pick a mystery tradition to search for this might be achievable, but you won't be able to gain flawless magic through education through the Milites...

Taurus can certainly help with #2.

Fair enough!

Membership in a Mystery tradition does not yet hold a particular appeal to Andros, so I guess that's that.

If you allow it, I will declare a different activity for that season that does not interfere with what others have planned, and then will redraw future plans accordingly. Now that I know this, will try to frame such things more in tune with what you have explained.

The story for Gabriele and the Secret Society Gabriele and the Secret Society:

Cycle 1: A messenger for the Augustan Brotherhood approaches Gabriele while he is in town and expresses concern about several songs Gabriele has been trying out. The messenger presents a strongly worded invitation to meet with one of the Brotherhood’s members to “avoid further complications”. Gabriele realizes the inherent threat, but impresses the courier enough that he does not pose any imminent danger. Curious, Gabriele agrees to travel with the courier to meet the member.

Cycle 2: During the meeting with the Augustan Brotherhood functionary, Gabriele is commissioned to create a song cycle glorifying a “united Italy” and include a particularly scathing piece about “the County of Tripoli dividing lands they do not hold.” Gabriele manages instead to convince the functionary to set up a meeting with higher-up in the organization.

Cycles 3 and 4: While travelling to the larger meeting, Gabriele and the courier are confronted by enemies of the Brotherhood. Gabriele manages to avoid any direct altercation through guile and etiquette. Knowing the danger, Gabriele convinces the courier they should leave during the night. The pair sneak out, then take off running, and manage to elude their would-be attackers.

Cycles 5 and 6: Gabriele manages to talk his way into the next level of the Augustan Brotherhood, through good manners and some serious bluffing, hinting that he helped the Brotherhood avoid a possible entanglement with their enemies. During the meeting, he recognizes the fear the Brotherhood (as a group of Hedgies) has for the the power of the Church, and convinces them that trying to use someone associated with the Order of Hermes would be more likely to get the Church involved than anyone wants. The Brotherhood decides that using Gabriele’s talents might not be in their best interest, and let him return to the Covenant. In return for his advice and service, Gabriele receives a vial of blood containing 2 pawns Corpus vis (magic).

Cycles 7 and 8: On the way back, Gabriele gets distracted by a pretty lass, and feeling confident after his encounter with the Brotherhood, seduces the girl. Of course, her brothers find out, and a merry chase ensues. A couple of well-aimed thrown knives manage to deter the defenders of their sister’s honor, and Gabriele escapes without being recognized (this time).

11 xp, 14 days, 8 confidence gained, 3 conf used
16 Rewards: +5 reputation points wipes out the bad reputation; 2 pawns of vis; +9 reputation as an entertainer; +1 Conf

Re: Andros- this is fine

Evan, Aegis and Clawball shall join[strike]both adventures in Fall[/strike] the summer adventure. I'm hoping they can handle this with a maximum of blasting and a minimum of trouble. :slight_smile: