Adventures in Brief

If Pazzino can do two adventures in the fall, then he will do both 4 & accompany Andros on 7.

As I said, you can do multiple adventures, the only cost is time. Obviously more than three months of adventuring is impossible....

Ettienne is assigning Paco and Bonaro to accompany Andros on both Fall adventures (2 and 7), and the second Archery squad to be sent to assist in the faerie battle(3)

Evan, Aegis and Hadrian will look for the familiar.

Evan and Aegis will also assist in the Faerie Battle (3) in addition to the archery squad.

Aegis will join in on 2 and 4. She can take notes or hand out beer to peasants. It might help.

looking for a familiar turns out to be 1 cycle, and challenge level of 6.

#5 Gabriele's Faerie Problem. No challenge type listed, so I am assuming this is combat, based on the context. Gabriele would like to take Gaston along, if he is available.

#6 Gabriele's Threatening Message. Let's start with a Social Challenge on this one.

This is what fame and talent bring you. Haters gonna hate. :laughing:

If no one else has claimed #1, Gabriele can also try calm the peasants.

In the meantime ...
A little clean-up from the 1103 adventure:
Gabriele had several run-ins with those thugs trying to silence the [strike]free press[/strike] the [strike]innocent wandering minstrel[/strike] okay, the acerbic commentary on an overbearing count. Luckily, Etienne and Hadrian were around each time and were able to drive off the ham-fisted, uncultured henchmen. The thugs did manage to rile up some of the local peasantry, and Gabriele found himself in the middle of a village dispute with some folks feeling overly-excited and rebellious ("not my count") by his lyrics and others heating up the tar and plucking the chickens. Recognizing the danger, Gabriele talked the to the leader of the "rebellion" and settled him down, while talking his way out of a tar-and-feathering with the other group. A mischievous faerie took an interest in the proceedings and tried to stir the pot. Luckily, Gabriele became aware of the faerie's meddling, and re-settled everyone with a calming and politically-correct ballad. He was not able to completely negate the faerie's influence, but did impress the faerie enough to get a prize from her.
Rewards taken: 2 confidence points, 2 positive reputation points, and a scarf from the faerie containing 4 pawns vis. Loss: 1 negative reputation point.

Alright, the Familiar Adventure:

First, Magic Theory+Int=11+3=14+stress(7)=21
Second, Second Sight+Per=3+stress(4)=7
Third, Magic Lore+Pre+Assist=6+stress(3)=9
Results=Three Successes

Evan comes up with the area and manner to generally look for potential familiars using his knowledge of Magic Theory. The potential spots are further narrowed down by using second sight to track spirits. Finally, using various lures and presents Aegis manages to lure out several prospects to see if they manage to "connect" to Evan. A magical squirrel gives Aegis two Acorns, each one He vis.
Time: Seven Days
+1 Confidence
Experience: 4 xp
Rewards: New Character(?), 2 He Vis.

Question: So should I just use one of the rewards for introducing the familiar? Make up a magical companion?

If you want to introduce the familiar as a companion then taking the new character reward would certainly work, or you can take quest points towards a more powerful familiar. A magical companion would have a base might of 10- a quested familiar could easily have a might of 30 or more.

Adventure number 1: Pazzino and Gabrielle: 1 cycle, difficulty 12- social
Adventure 2: Andros, Deangelica, Julien, Paco, Bonaro, and Aegis: 2 cycles, difficulty 9 - choice,social
Adventure 3: Andros, Evan, Aegis & 2nd archery squad: 3 cycles, difficulty 6, combat choice, choice
Adventure 4: Pazzino and Aegis: 2 cycles, difficulty 9 - legal/diplomatic, magic
Adventure 5: Gabrielle and Gaston: 3 cycles, difficulty 12 - combat, magic, legal/diplomatic
Adventure 6: Gabrielle: 8 cycles, difficulty 6 - choice, legal/diplomatic, choice, social, social, legal/diplomatic, choice, combat
Adventure 7: Andros, Pazzino, Paco, and Bonaro: 2 cycles difficulty 9 - magic, legal/diplomatic

Note- win or lose you will learn more about the secret society which has engaged with Gabrielle- it is a conspiracy of court magicians (obviously a hedge tradition rather than Hermteic) which is aiming to unite Italy into a single state. They go by the name The Augustan Brotherhood.

:open_mouth: 8 cycles?!?! That's a lot of zeroes on the complexity table! (Hopefully it used up all the zeroes in the system :slight_smile: )

With that many cycles, I want to make sure I understand the rules about repeating abilities before I start rolling. Gabriele has to use all six abilities in a category before repeating any, correct? Most can be used with a score of zero, however, so there is still a chance of success.

Adventure 5: Gabrielle Fights the Faeries
(with support from Gaston)

Cycle 1: Combat (die rolls)
9 + 2 Athletics + 1 Dex = 12 Success
7 + 6 Single Weapon (Gaston) + 0 Qik = 13 Success
4 + 5 Brawl (Gaston) + 1 Str + 1 Support + 3 Conf = 14 Success

Cycle 2: Magic (die rolls)
9 + 2 Awareness + 1 Per = 12 Success
3 + 3 Enchanting Music + 2 Com = 8 Failure
7 no abilities left (no botch) Failure

Cycle 3: Legal/Diplomatic (die rolls)
2 + 0 Artes Liberales + 1 Int = 3 Failure
4 + 3 Guile + 2 Com +3 Conf = 12 Success
6 + 3 Folk Ken + 1 Per + 3 Conf = 13 Success

Four rewards, one loss, 18 days, 9 xp.
Rewards: +1 to Entertaining reputation, Mentor (x2), 1 notch against Enemies flaw
Loss: 4 pawns vis (faerie scarf)

While playing for the locals, Gabriele makes up a song about the faerie he encountered last year. Several days later, and over the course of several more days, Gabriele is repeatedly assaulted by people he does not know. After avoiding the first ambushes by running away, Gabriele starts making sure to travel with Gaston, which proves beneficial as the attacks continue. Eventually, Gabriele realizes there is a faerie behind the attacks, and seeks to calm the situation with his music. The faerie is not moved, and convenes a faerie "court" to redress the insult. Gabriele misunderstands the situation at first, but manages to talk his way out of the worst charges, then, realizing the faerie would be happy with some sort of payment, offers the vis-containing scarf he received last year as payment for the debt. Ever the optimist, Gabriele leaves the situation undeterred in his performances. ... which brings us to the fall ...

(Is it possible to take some of the experience in Faerie Lore?)



Adventure 3: ...: 3 cycles, difficulty 6, combat, choice, choice

I can choose magical and combat again, right? For a difficulty 6, combat, magic, combat

Duplication avoidance is just for the specific skills/spells used and attributes rolled? The table does seem to be limited in choices, can one suggest other skills that might be appropriate within the context of the challenge and the adventure?

Have 2 and 3 almost sewn up with skill/roll choices, waiting on this.


I'm going to go ahead with Adventures 2 and 3, if no one objects, It's 1 Summer, 1 Fall, we can later integrate Faerie continuity with #1:

Adventure 3) (mundane politics) Roger Borsa, Duke of Apulia and Calabria (Locri is in Calabria) has requested the covenant's aid, alongside that of his local loyal vassel, in repressing a faerie led rebellion as "aid against the supernatural" (summer- combat), Adventure 3: Andros, Evan, Aegis & 2nd archery squad: 3 cycles, difficulty 6, combat, magical (choice), combat (choice).

1st cycle The party is led by the Duke's scouts, and they meet the very confident and numerically superior Faerie force, the latter are whittled down when Fletch leads the Archery Squad with a rain of death (martial) Dex(3) + Bow(7) + _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 = 12, success. (don't know how much higher being the vanguard in an archery section would push this)
Andros, already enhanced to the max casts Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn15) +17 (spell) + _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 = 25, success on the men as they await the inevitable charge! Do spells count as using attributes?
The Faerie forces close in and engage! A strange bewitching drumming starts to ensorcel the men, causing them to despair! The weight of numbers is threatening their morale! Captain Aurelius acts immediately, and cajoles, harangues, and shames the men to stay in formation, his voice never wavers, and it even overpowers the drumming momentarily. (Leadership +Quickness) 9+2+_: 1D10 = [8] = 8 = 19, success Wow, 6(command)+2 Leadership, is he a retired general? Andros is seriously impressed!

2nd cycle Using a pause in the fight, Andros praises the men, asks them to meditate with him, and uses his Parma to protect the squad from Faerie influences, just in time, as the unnerving drumming picks up again: (Parma Magica) Communication + Parma Magica(-3 to account for protecting others) 2+2 + _: 1D10 = [10] = 10 = 4, possible botch! On Parma :open_mouth: !!!, but no botch _: 1D10 = [9] = 9 , Spend a Confidence point, = 7, success
Evandrus uses Faerie Lore + Int (Faerie Lore), 2 + 3 + _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 = [strike]12[/strike]11 (edited), success, on a captured Faerie, gleaning much information from examining him while the battle rages.
Armed with this information, Evandrus uses Piercing the Faerie Veil [InVi 20, +20] (spell), _: 1D10 = [8] = 8 = 28, success and finds the culprit, a small toady-looking fellow who was Guiding the leader of the outlaw rebellion

3rd cycle With this intelligence on hand, Andros charges recklessly using his Greatsword and the Gift to intimidate multiple opponents (and counting on multiple enhancements to his Soak) to cleave a path and engage both leader and evil Faerie: (martial) Pre + Greatsword, 0 + 5 + _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 = 9, success, followed closely by the cursing Paco
Aegis follows Andros's lead and together with the squad, engages in a grand brawl (Brawl) Str + brawl 3+2 + _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 = 9, success, and even manages to smack the drummer with a cast iron kettle pot, which seriously distracts the fellow,
Never as reckless and much more thoughtful than his sodales, shadowed by the ever watchful and muttering Bonaro, Evandrus manages to find just the right opening, and casts The Incantation of Lightning [CrAu 35, +38] + _: 1D10 = [4] = 4 = 42, success to put an exclamation point on the proceedings. The battle is done.

Yeah!!! 9 successes, we wiped the floor with the Faeries! 5 xps, 1 confidence each Evandrus and Andros (Aegis has Low Self Esteem), 6 Rewards, 9 days. I will edit to accommodate the narrative, have to think about the rewards, but I think that was great, everybody contributed, I even forgot to add ½ the skill where others could help. I'd say 1 reward each Andros, Evan, Aegis, plus reputations and hook notches. Andros can return and read Houses and Tribunals, a beginners guide . Is adventure xp added to regular, or do you have to choose?

*edited for Rewards: +1 notch to Mundane Politics, +1 Reputation to Covenant, +1 to Covenfolk loyalty, Andros +1 positive reputation. +1 Reward to Evan (up to QPaC), +1 Reward to Aegis (up to QPaC), +3 confidence points to Evan, Andros.

**edited #2: Hook was mundane politics, not Castle

And, in our next installment...

Adventure 2: (castle) local peasants are petitioning for right of shelter within the covenant, but their numbers would severely weaken the ability of the covenant to withstand a siege (fall, combat, social) Andros, Deangelica, Julien, Paco, Bonaro, and Aegis: 2 cycles, difficulty 9 - choice,social 2): combat (choice), social

Not sure about this one, are they petitioning for shelter now, or an assurance of shelter in the future? Perhaps now because of all the fighting?

1st cycle
Andros wishes to meet these people from a position of strength, somewhat recklessly, he makes a big show of demonstrating his prowess in mock combat with Aegis. Great Weapon 5 + 2 Str + _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 = 13, success! They are fairly evenly matched, and after sparring, Andros points out that "Here everyone trains, everybody must contribute. No shirkers allowed. She is a cook in training, and see for yourselves how she can handle herself in combat.Here's Deangelica, our head cook. You will call her "Boss". You will learn."
Deangelica immediately starts organizing the peasants with her great leadership, taking inventory of provisions, calculating who can do what, who can sleep where, and doing a credible impersonation of a turb sergeant. Leadership + Presence 4+2 + _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 = 8, missed by 1! The peasants, the men in particular, are not impressed.
Andros prompts Julien and the shield grogs to see if any of the peasants are suitable for training or might already know how to wield a weapon, (or might have hidden ones), Julien's Awareness 3 + Per + ½ other's Awareness 2 (Paco and Bonaro have 2 each, Andros has 1(Awareness), doubt that's the specialty we are looking for) + _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 = 7, another failure... The peasants are getting restless. This could get ugly.

2nd cycle
To mollify and calm the rising ire, the group is invited to partake of Deangelica's cooking feast as honored guests, sans Andros and his Gift. Andros casts Veil of Invisibility (PeIm15) +17, +5 Aura + _: 1D10 = [9] = 9= 31 , success to approach and spy on these people, huddled still and muttering to themselves. What he overhears is up to silveroak, but what he learns, he shares in Julien's ears, to help the Autocrat in his attempt to Charm these peasants, for their own good! : 4 +2 Comm + 2 Aegis ½ (3( Men)) who is in and out of the kitchen aiding Deangelica, + _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 = 10, success, and they respond positively this time, opening up to the crafty Julien, and starting to agree with his expertly and softly worded conversation.
Deangelica and Aegis outdo themselves, and prepare a fishy feast for the ages, Craft: Cooking 7 + 2 Dex + 2 ½ Aegis's skill + _: 1D10 = [7] = 7 = 18. With this, agreements are reached, and Andros pats himself in the back for helping these poor devils.

So xp is (4.5 rounded up?)5+2= 7, +1 Confidence to Andros, took 13 days, 3 rewards and a loss. Loss is easy, silver! A feast + new construction and new provisions to accommodate and feed many more mouths, 5 BPs in resources, 50 pounds, holy! That's a lot. Andros will speak for these people in Council. The rest, let me think about it.

*edited for Rewards: +2 Confidence, 1 Notch for Castle, Covenant +1 reputation, Covenfolk +1 Loyalty, Loss, 50 silver (5 BPs)

All 9, and you also have to use each attribute once before repeating, though that is not based on category. The roll was 0, then 0,6, then 7,7...

Yes, up to 5 xp can be put into faerie lore

it is actually 6xp, and 3 confidence each. You do have to choose which XP source you want to take.

Confidence is 1 per cycle, and the possibility of more as rewards.

Looking forward to the telling of this epic sojourn! Andros is envious, actually offered to help anyone else in the Fall:

OK, here we go. First four cycles for Adventure 6, Gabriele and the Secret Society

Cycle 1: Social (die rolls)
1, 5 -> 10 + 0 Intrigue + 1 Int = 11 Success
1, 6 -> 12 +0 Org Lore (Court Magicians) + 1 Per = 13 Success
9 + 2 Charm + 0 Pre = 11 Success

Cycle 2: Legal/Diplomatic (die rolls)
7 + 0 Law + 2 Com = 9 Success
8 + 0 Artes Liberales + 1 Int = 9 Success
4 + 0 Intrigue + 2 Com = 6 Success

Cycle 3: Combat (die rolls)
6 + 2 Stealth + 0 Qik = 8 Success
1, 6 -> 12 + 2 Athletics + 2 Dex = 16 Success
7 + 0 Leadership + 0 Stm = 7 Success

Cycle 4: Social (die rolls)
2 + 3 Folk Ken + 1 Per = 6 Success
6 + 3 Etiquette + 0 Pre = 9 Success
7 + 3 Guile + 1 Int = 11 Success

So far so good. I've probably used up my allotment of exploding dice on this set. :slight_smile:
More to come later ...

The second half of the Secret Society Cycles ...

Cycle 5: Social (die rolls)
3 + 3 Etiquette + 0 Pre = 6 Success
3 + 0 Org Lore + 1 Per + 3 Conf = 7 Success
5 + 0 Intrigue + 1 Int = 6 Success

Cycle 6: Legal/Diplomatic (die rolls)
9 + 1 Church Lore + 1 Int = 11 Success
7 + 3 Folk Ken + 1 Per = 11 Success
5 + 3 Guile + 2 Com = 10 Success

Cycle 7: Social (die rolls)
1, 3 -> 6 + 3 Folk Ken + 1 Per = 10 Success
8 + 2 Charm + 0 Pre = 10 Success
7 + 3 Guile + 2 Com = 11 Success

Cycle 8: Combat (die rolls) (I knew the zeroes had to be coming ... :slight_smile: )
0 (no botch) + 2 Stealth + 2 Dex + 3 Conf = 7 Success
0 (no botch) + 2 Athletics + 1 Str + 3 Conf = 6 Success
2 + 4 Thrown Weapon (knife) + 0 Qik = 6 Success

11 xp
14 days
16 rewards
2 Conf used; 8 Conf gained
Rewards to be assigned and story to be written ...

It looks like adventures 1,4, and 7 have yet to be handled. 1 should be either Pazzino or Gabrielle, 4 should be either Aegis or Pazzino, 7 should be Andros

If these have not been rolled by Tuesday morning I will roll them myself to get them completed.

7) Fall Andros's search for the lost temple- examining the site results in a magical challenge: Andros, Pazzino, Paco, and Bonaro: 2 cycles difficulty 9 - magic, legal/diplomatic

1st cycle Andros Magic Theory + Int = 5(Creo) + 1 + _: 1D10 = [1] = 1 = exploding die, _: 1D10 = [9] = 9= 24, success!
Andros Parma Magica + Sta= Parma 5(Ig) + 1 + = _: 1D10 = [2] = 2 + 3 (Confidence point) = 11, success!
Andros's Spell= Endurance of the Berserkers (ReCo15) +20 +_: 1D10 = [7] = 7= 27, success!

2nd cycle Pazzino, In Place of Folk Ken, Faerie Lore (Underworld Faeries) +Per , +4 + 1 + _: 1D10 = [3] = 3 + 3(Confidence point)= 11, success!
Pazzino Bargain +Pre= 5 (legal negotiation) + 1 + _: 1D10 = [6] = 6 = 13, success!
Pazzino Artes Liberales + Com.= 5(Rhetoric) + 2 + _: 1D10 = [9] = 9 = 17, success!

So 7 xp, 11 days, 4 Rewards, Pazzino and Andros use 1 Confidence point a piece but gain 2. I take it this is not strictly a Hook related adventure, in the sense that Andros declared a voluntary adventure, rather than a story emanating from that Hook?

silveroak, I have an idea of the narrative I'm going for, obviously, but if you had something specific in mind as to why Andros chose to go to the fallen Temple of Persephone, I will incorporate that. Will post narrative and Rewards chosen later.

edited to correct Int for Quik in 1st test

1st cycle: Andros buries himself in the library, he recalls that some books on Magic Theory have a particular passage attributed to Bonisagus himself, in which he Founder named books that had served as inspiration for his great theory of magic, and one among them narrated the life of a priest of the Cult of Mercury. Int + Magic theory, success) The Liber Mercuria is the name of this book! In it may be found clues to the actual location of one of the temples!
The Redcaps of the Mercere House, grateful for all the help the covenant has given them, dispatch an agent to try to find it, or a later copy with a somewhat shady antiques dealer in Reggio Calabria. Andros decides to accompany this guide, and as he has no pertinent spells for investigation, he drags Pazzino along, whose skills seem well suited (much to the lawyer's chagrin, surely). Paco and Bonnaro come as well. Once in the city, the group senses they are being shadowed constantly. Eventually they are confronted by another Magus and his retinue. Andros knows of him, Vespasio ex Jerbiton a young and aggressive member of the Sylvanian Covenant, who with a sinister smile, exchanges pleasantries, then asks for the pleasure of certamen with a magus of Praesidium Orae. Andros will not back down and the showdown is on! Although fairly evenly matched (the young magus seems to know Andros's strengths), Andros's Parma Magica proves decisive, with some effort (Parma Magica + Sta, + Confidence point, success), as he chips away at Vespasio's fatigue little by little. With some difficulty, the Jerbiton magus recognizes the Flambeau's superiority, and leaves. Andros is now worried for his companions, because this confrontation is a clear and worrisome signal of Sylvanian's open hostility to Praesidium Orae. Their quarry, the antiques dealer Giorgio Graeco is not easy to find. But trouble is! On the third day of searching, an ambush of half a dozen toughs pick a fight with Pazzino while Paco is sleeping and Bonaro is diverted. Andros wades in with relish, laughing into the brawl, he cannot be hurt, casts Endurance of the Berserkers (ReCo15) +20, success. But they are no closer to their quarry.

2nd cycle: Pazzino is taking another tack. In each reported location where Giorgio Graeco was rumored to have his wares at one time or another, there are nearby pagan signs of the old gods of Greece, in particular allusions to Hades and Persephone, Faerie Lore (Underworld Faeries) +Per + Confidence point, success. He now leads the search to similar places and it is nearby an ancient column still standing that the group finds old slippery Graeco, who has temporarily set up shop in the vicinity. Andros offers to pay for the book, if Giorgio has it; the dealer demurs "How can I help a member of the Praesidium, when I make my home in the forest?". Pazzino deduces this is a reference that he is either an ally or a companion to Sylvanian Covenant, and he begins an impressive game of offer and counteroffer, always probing for weaknesses, Bargain +Pre, success, this negotiation lasts for more than two days. In the end, the book is theirs! And they have a possible weakness and link to Sylvanian in the person of Graeco. Andros is quite pleased with himself, to the victor go the spoils! But as they prepare to return, Paco and Bonaro are arrested by men of the city guard. Is this a last gambit by Sylvanian? Pazzino goes into full lawyerly mode, and after Andros writes a personal appeal to the Duke, Pazzino masterfully delivers an impassioned speech Artes Liberales(Rhetoric) + Com, success, to the Duke's representative about clearly trumped up charges against the loyal veterans of the summer's campaign for Roger Borsa himself, putting down the filthy rebels. The men are quickly released, and the party departs without delay for Praesidium Orae before more they run afoul of more Sylvanian shenanigans.

**edited to narrate the story of the quest for the Fallen Temple of Mercury, rather than the ruined Temple of Persephone :smiley:
Andros will hand over the 7 quest points to his sodales Evandrus, Quite Possibly a Cat in exchange for some future favor of a similar nature. I will take 2 rewards and leave the other 2 to Pazzino, darkwing