Adventures in Bureaucracy

Here is a thing that kinda ran away from the Story Guide and his faithful assistant.

As our intrepid heroes manages to find their way into the dark realm of Svartalfheim they are greeted at the gates of the city of Mörkholm by a pair of guards, after a lengthy interview they were handed a scroll with a declaration of purpose to fill in, something that was just supposed to be a short note for fun ended up being written and then filled in.

Make of this stupidity what you will.

I'm totally stealing this for my Saga. But I tell you what players will immediately do just after they read and fill this form: trace it, see where it's stored, and then sneak into the archive and get every other people's forms: it seems that a lot of useful information about who's who and what is around will be laying there waiting to be read.

Good thing that the GDPR wasn't in effect back then! Though it would have been fun to add a final note asking for addresses and about permissions to reach the player with discounts, offers and other commercial communications.

Sounds like a fun emergent adventure a tad tricky in our case as Svartalfheim ended up as a shard of the magical realm aligned with terram, meaning it's full of master crafter so security is going to be tough.
It also semes to have taken on a distinctive morpkian hue...

The magus spearheading this story figured after talking to a visit mage specializing in Norse magic creatures and beings that it was a good place to find a forge companion.

But then few things are impossible for a mage with a bee in his pointy bonnet