advice on a flaw

I'm working on a new character and would like some advice on a flaw.
I'm not sure if one of the current flaws would cover it.

Basically, the mage is a Tremere, who is always looking to get the upper hand. Therefore, after meeting any other mage, he is driven to gather try and gather an arcane connection. Even with his friends. An insurance policy, if you will.

Obviously I'll play this in-character, but I'm wondering if there's a flaw that might cover it. I don't see it so much as paranoia, but rather as a dark view of the realities of the world. Not pessimism, just "dark realism."

Any thoughts? I see it as a flaw, because it could get him into some pretty rough waters. But maybe it's not a big enough deal to get a whole minor flaw out of it.

Would you class it as a compulsion?

Perhaps Compulsion (Realpolitik)?

I like it! Thank you gents!


Great (minor) flaw! I like it :slight_smile:


I hammered him out last night, and this flaw sealed the deal. This character is a necromancer, with a minor immunity to nausea. So when he sees his chance, he's going to steal the contents of chamber pots. He'll then spend a season fixing the AC's. I envision a rather unpleasant collection of vials and other containers in a warded closet within his sanctum. I think I can justify this behavior as a flaw, since he'll periodically "lose" seasons of study, due to his compulsion to gain arcane connections.

Also, for fun, I made him afraid of the dark (Fear flaw). He was raised at Coeris (covenant upbringing), and after so many years living above the gate of the underworld, he's developed a profund fear of total darkness, for it reminds him of his own eminent demise. I thought "difficult longevity potion" fits in nicely as well, since while doing that ritual, he'd be distracted by a nagging dread of the dark afterlife.

That's one for the annals! :laughing:

Not to mention it should land him into trouble.

Your selection of flaws is most excellent. :smiley: