Aegis #2 (free Ars magazine in Spanish), now available

As it has already been mentioned in this forum, these are being good times for Ars Magica in Spain, and not only because we have a new official book being kickstarted around the corner. Community is also quite active around here, and the second issue of a free, independent magazine focused on Ars has just been released.

Aegis #2 includes many different contents, including a translation of one of the Diedne articles originally published in Sub Rosa #13, that the kind folks of that magazine gave us permission to publish. The rest of the content is 100% original, including an adventure, historic stuff, spells, items, some nasty demons and... well, the usual Ars stuff.

Anyway, in case someone is interested in taking a look, you can find it here:


If only I could read spanish, this would be more useful to me :wink:

Yeah, sorry, but Iā€™m aware there are Spanish-speaking people in these forums. I understand this is of limited use to everyone else, though.

I was in no way complaining. Just dissing myself for never having learned Spanish. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! That's what I understood. I also mentioned the "limited use" because we're 33 books behind the American edition, and you can probably see that in the contents. For instance, the spell section is mostly about Bjornaer sensory magic and Merinitae's Spell Timing mystery and recurring spells, since Mystery Cults was only published in Spanish early this year.

On the other hand, there's always time to learn Spanish, but I hope you don't need to do it right now, which would mean that Atlas will be translating the Iberia book into English soon... :wink: