Aegis and the Implicit Invitation

So elsewhere we have been discussing Tokens. However in our spirit heavy game we have other issues that have come up.

  1. When I find a Magic Doo-dad and bring it back for experimentation, do I need to wait a year to experiment with it within the Aegis bounds? Is there a way to invite objects? or is there an implicit invitation to this thing?

  2. When you invite a Magus into your sanctum (or vice versa) is his Talisman and/or Familiar invited in as well implicitly?

  3. If #2 is yes, then how far does this implicit invitation extend? Supernaturals that have formed an Arcane connection to the Character? (magnus or not).

  4. Our Hermetic Sahir summons Jinns into his Sanctum. Does the invitation imply an Invitation? or do they not recieve a token and so cant actually pass the Aegis. likewise for Ghosts, elementals, and Airy Spirits?



Most of these don't have definite answers. Hopefully this will help some:


Assuming that by "experimentation" you mean "investigating the enchantments," per p. 100, then I would say that you don't have to wait a year to do so. The device wouldn't necessarily be fully functional (i.e. it would still be impaired by the Aegis), but the maga's magical training includes how to take that into account. In other words, the Aegis would have no effect on the lab total or the device's power level(s).

Unless your sanctum is protected by its own Aegis, this doesn't matter. If the magus you invite is protected by the covenant's Aegis (assuming that your sanctum is also under said Aegis), then he's still protected by the Aegis in your sanctum. This is different than the Peripheral Code's rulings that allow you to kill someone in your sanctum. That is practically never surrendered, although it is considered very bad form to invite someone in and then kill him.

I would say that, if you summon a spirit, demon, sahir, whatever, by name, then that being is protected by the Aegis, much like a magus is. Just my opinion, though.

Loophole might be in taking into account that Aegis blocks access of magical creature which tries to cross it. Summoning does not necessarily qualify for this, as summoned creature does not "walk" across the Aegis but rather appears in the location of summoning. Thus I would see it that they can be summoned, but their magical abilities would be hampered.

I agree with Peregrine Bjornaer on #1.

Peregrine Bjornaer, I think Khelek meant within the Aegis instead of within the sanctum with #2. I'm not sure where to go on this. I suppose it may be better to say, yes, only one invitation is needed. This way, for instance, you might accidentally invite a demon possessing another in. Otherwise it would be tough to rule whether the person or the possessing demon is the one invited in. It seems to me that both with familiars and with possessing demons the story options are better with a single invitation.

I would view #4 similar to Tiwaz. I would no think of it as a supernatural being crossing the Aegis border. Rather, I would think of it as a magical transportation spell and penalize the effect in the same way. So if it was done by a magus who was part of the Aegis ritual, no problem. If it was done by a magus who was not part of the ritual and isn't invited, then it will be penalized. Once the being is within, I would suggest playing the being as not invited. It's almost like giving an invitation to cross the border and immediately revoking it: once it's inside, it can stay inside. However, it would then have penalties to do many things due to the Aegis.



Yes, thank you, I meant Aegis not Sanctum. and the Stroy possibilities are all sorts of awesome if it is one Invitation.

It strikes me that many Magi would not enter a foreign Aegis (such as a Tribunal) if their Familiars and Talismans could not cross the boarder. Of course there are a ton of non-ideal situations within the Order.

Of course since this is a special effect (breaks allot of the rules of Hermetic Theory), I don't see why you could not invite an Enchanted Item in.

I like the idea of summons working as described by Callen, and the Magus immediately rescinding the invitation.

Well, talisman is considered part of magus if it is in touch with him. So I see no point to consider it somehow affected. When not touching the magus, it is regular enchanted device IMO.

Familiar similarily is tied to a magus via the cords, which could be enough of connection to make them piggybag Aegis with magus.