Aegis and Warping

It struck me that while it’s mentioned in ArM5 that most magic want to live in the highest strength Aegis they can, per the Warping rules being under the constant affect of an Aegis would cause Warping; iirc it isn’t specifically written as an exception.

Is this intentional, or have I missed something here? It seems to me that between spending most of ones time inside an Aegis and spending many of a magi’s post age-35 years under the effects of a longevity ritual, Warping gain is likely to be quite accelerated. Notably the Parma could also be generally considered a magic effect, but due to its anti-magic nature seems to stop Warping rather than further it, and the Aegis was based on the Parma.

Edit: There's also the horrific warping all the covenant's grogs would suffer to consider.

An Aegis or a Parma do not warp their beneficiaries. See:



Figured I'd missed something somewhere, appreciate it!

Certainly it's an interesting twist for a game that wanted to explore warping and it's effects. It does seem convenient that it does not cause warping.