Aegis Tokens and Foreign Familiars

In reviewing Aegis of the Hearth, it occurs to me to wonder if familiars need separate tokens.

Guest Magus Alpha has a familiar with no magic might, Beta. Does it need a token to use it's powers, or is it part of the magus' magical personhood?

Guest Magus Unus has a familiar with a magic might, Secondus. If Beta does not need a token, does Secundus not need one, or is this a different case?

The rules are vague on a lot of stuff in that regard. Also, with Familiars it's important to distinguish between Bond Powers and Powers related to Magic Might since the former are treated like items in the rules and the latter are treated differently. I went into these as best I could here:


From an aesthetic point of view, I vastly prefer the magus' token to cover his familiar, because I don't like the idea of a pigeon or mouse familiar having to carry around a token, somehow.



I tend to agree. I suppose I regard a familiar as 'knitted' into the magic person of the mage.