Aerial Vehicle Frame Values (and references to FS1 vehicle stats)

Reviewing the vehicle chapter (No Clean Getaways) due to having a likely chase scene coming up (now that I've got a PC with Driving skill, it's pretty compulsory).

I noticed an odd quirk - on p.153 under the heading Aerial Vehicle Combat, as the first sentence, it states "Aircraft don't have Frame values." Yet all of the aircraft, in the detailed statistics and in the vehicle tables list Frame values. Which makes sense, because Frame values are used when calculating the damage vehicles take from weapons fire.

Instead, should it perhaps simply state that aircraft do not perform Rams or Sideswipes?

That make sense. No one is coming off well if two fixed wing aircraft touch. Now imagine the mess if a rotary wing aircraft is involved.

Perhaps what it means is that no aerial vehicle has "Crunch" as that is the stat used for applying damage. Alternatively maybe they meant they should be treated as though they had no "Frame" as that would allow the "bump" rule to come into effect.

It still doesn't change the fact that aircraft should not be attempting to occupy the same physical location. Not unless you want everyone involved to have a really bad day.

This was more to flag the issue for the Atlas team should they ever produce another update. They need the Frame values for calculating damage from weapon attacks, but yes, a Crunch of 0 might be clearer.

The book already states that air vehicles don't carry out rams or sideswipes, it was more the mismatch between different parts of the wording.

There are also a couple of references to the old vehicle stat structure - when referring to vehicles in the Featured Foe stat blocks, and under the 'Compact Car' entry on p.156 in the reference to the Mini Cooper.