After the Pirate Queen (Spring 1221)

Beginning with a roster of created characters who are going- this adventure will also include a largely un-created crew including marines that has been hired on with the shipping company owned by the covenant.
Who is in?

Frederic will join! And he wants his shield grog Gustav with him.
Does someone wants to play Gustav?

Garcin, Bavol, Pepe and Oderisi are in. I'll play Garcin and Bavol, the others can be troupe played

If no one else is available, Tartessos will make up some Excellent +2 sets of weapons/armor from the iron cargo. Enough to have a squad or two below decks to handle any lightly armored boarders. The topside crew will have normal armor (including the two impenetrable silk jacks) to maintain normal appearance, but will also have the excellent quality weapons. As the ship will not have anyone to maintain them, they will likely deteriorate after this adventure, but they should do fine for the Pirate Queen.

One thing someone will point out is that marines tend to avoid metal armor because it drags them down in event of a shipwreck or being tossed overboard in a storm.

I'd be happy to play Gustav or Vincente.

They will only be wearing metal armor during a (hopeful) ambush fighting on our own decks (i.e. no boarding action), and as an assault on the actual pirate base. If we shipwreck or otherwise lose during one of those they're all dead anyways. Drowning would be the least of their worries.

Antonius will be in too.

Shipwrecks most commonly happen close to shore when a ship hits rocks, so the chances of survival are at least decent. They will wear the armor when ordered to, just pointing out...

Assuming we have everyone- the group makes their way back to Palermo, where you meet up with the sailor whom you spoke with before. He boards a small craft which looks like a rowboat where someone forgot the oarlocks and stuck an improbable mast in the center of the ship instead. The boat proceeds out into the sea with what appears to be a full sail that is simply not in the direction that the wind is blowing...

If generally having a magus on board bring bad luck, then having two must bring a terrible fate. Antonius tries to stay as inconspicuous as possible, and this is an almost impossible task due to his red eyes and his Gift. The small craft, which is sailing against the wind, is still distancing the Pisces. The Bonisagus magus walks towards Vincente, which is busy giving orders to the crew.

"If we do nothing the we will never find the Pirate Queen. The problem is not conjuring the wind to catch up with the other boat, but the reaction of the crew when me or Flavius does so.... Maybe it is time for you to tell the crew what this is expedition is really about, and who Flavius and I are."


For later, would that spell work ?

Creo 7 + 6 Auram + 2 stamina + 7 dice = 22

CrAu 10 Base 2 +1 touch, +1 conc, ind, +1 size (is that required to move our boat) +1 unnatural

(Not sure about the +1 unnatural, since the chamber of spring breeze flow even in an airtight room and we are in an open space)

Sustain the demanding spell will enable Antonius to change the direction of the wind.

The notes under CR Au indicate that you need either a range of sight to originate weather phenomenon in the upper atmosphere or take a similar increase in magnitude for being unnatural, but specific examples vary from this- I would be willing to accept this as written.

I would assume you can use Re Au to correct the wind direction around out boat.
For Cr Auram I would simply create a normal weather phenomenon with range sight. Creating a Wind that adds to the existing breeze and suits our demand. So it is less obvious that our ship is droven by magic.
Base2 + Sight+3 +2 Sun =15 or 10 in case it is cast on Conc.
Frederic would have to go for Creating a wind on duration conc. If needed.
He would need a Stress die of 4 or more.
For know he takes no action and waits for Vincente or Antonius

Julia will come along then. Her perception might be very useful.

Who is running Vincente? Given that the magi are waiting on him explaining the situation to the crew...

Trogdor I think

Sorry, it's been a crazy week for me. I'l get a post out this afternoon.

"I'll tell 'em," Vincente says to Antonius and Frederic. "But don't blame me when the crew doesn't like it."

"Listen up, lads," he calls out to the sailors on deck. I've got something to say and I want you all to hear. Turns out we're lucky. Turns out one of the gentlemen on the ship is a weather worker - someone who can whistle up a wind at need. You can see how that'll help us. We'll get our cargo to market quicker, can pass around any storm, and can outrun any pirates that try and chase us." He nods and looks around the deck. "Now I don't want any of you to give him trouble. He's doing this to help us out. So you be rightfully thankful that it'll get you to our next port - and your next pay - quicker and safer than before."

I'm not sure if this would be Charm or Leadership. I hope it's Leadership. :slight_smile:

My goal is to ease the crew into things. We'll start by letting them know that Antonius can whistle up a wind. That's innocuous enough (I hope). Then, at need, we can tell them more.

I think this would be an excellent time for Julia to Grant Antonius the Gentle Gift

Antonius calls up the wind and the crew seems too relieved about the fact they aren't working like the devil and loosing ground to worry about any supernatural ramifications, at least right now. The ship starts to catch up to the small boat, and after half a days travel they wind up at a small island, not the one from the sailor's story. On the shore they can see a woman who is clearly dressed as a pirate Queen- any child seeing her would identify her as such, and she is surrounded by a dozen men who are equally obviously pirates, to the point of being caricatures of themselves.

Frederic speaks with a firm voice in Latin to Antonius:
"Well that looks so typically Pirate stile that I would not be surprised I we have to deal with faerie creatures. Antonius your eyes are better than mine, do you see something lm not able to detect?
Frederic will check the complete area 360° if he can see another ship or more pirates or something else remarkable.
It might be a good Idea ask Julia to check where their ship is and if there are more pirates on this Island
It seems like they don´t have the Merchant with them. I think they will expect someone of should go over and talk with them. If we do so we should bring the same number of men to the Island. I suppose 13 people will not fit in our rowboat . Why not ask them to come over?
What do you think?"
To be prepared for the worst he will cast Gift of the Bears fortitude on himself (without gestures and with a quiet voice. And he checks all men have their weapons and armor ready, just in case they would need it.

Vincente shakes his head. "I don't like the looks of this," he says to the magi in a low voice. "It looks like a trap to me."