After the Pirate Queen (Spring 1221)

The pirate queen tosses her head. "No. You will pay the ransom under our terms, or someone else can pay the ransom. Or not. Just because this merchant man is still alive does not mean he must remain so."

In the small round on board of the Pisces:
Well that sounds like we have to follow the Pirates to their island! Once there we may be able to speak with the merchant and maybe free him. Or, if needed we may find a way to exchange the ransom for the Merchant without being betrayed. In any case it´s good to know the location of their island.

What they propose is they will take one person to their island to see the merchant, then bring that person back to confirm he is still alive. Or you can take her word for the fact he is alive.

"I'll go." growls Garcin. "If they eat me, Vicente can have my (expletive) job."

"Great," Vincente grumbles. "Then I can do two jobs at once."

Garcin boards the pirate ship as one of the sailors stays behind. The journey is swift and an hour later you arrive on the docks within the pirate cavern.

"Whoa Whoa... There was no need to make threat, we are only here to conduct business. I might add that while you think you have the upper hand, but you don't; the fact we wish to pay the ransom if a fluke. We heard of that specific merchant by chance, and we are probably the only individuals in the whole Mediterranean willing to pay good silver to secure his realease. We can find always find other merchants, there are plenty of them."

"But, since threats are now fair game, that it would be really unwise, to ever attack the Pisces. You are alive, fae, but it does not mean that you must remain so."

Before Garcin leaves Tayma looks at the Pirate Queen, worried about Garcin, and says "Harm him and you will die. No one wants that right?"

"I have no plans to harm him, but if he tries to help our prisoner escape you will be paying two ransoms"

At the docks the queen signals the men on shore, and they bring the merchant up to the dock in chains. "Go and speak to him, but stay on the docks and do not set foot on the land."

Garcin will walk to within arms length of the man. "Matheus of Nice?" Assuming he gets an affirmative, he'll continue. "Matheus of Nice, I'm the man considering ransoming you. What is the price of Venetian glass in Palermo?"

I'm keeping him an NPC for the moment. "That depends on a number of factors, glass, and especially Venetian glass is almost never sold in bulk, and it will vary with the reputation of the artist, and in Palermo whether it was purchased through an intermediary of the artist or from piracy."

Garcin will purse his lips for a moment and scrutinize Matheus. "You'll do." He hesitates for a moment. "Have these... Pirates.... Done anything to you?"

"The queen, she... it was most unusual, I haven't realy met a forcefull woman like her before, but her... attentions seemed strange. I don't know if that counts or not."

"We might be able to explain some of that, but not here. Bide here a little longer and we hope to have an acceptable deal. Give the pirates no cause for offense, not this late in the game." Garcin will give a curt nod to the pirate and prepare to return to the Pisces. If there is treachery from this bunch it will be right when things are going the smoothest.

As you board the ship you hear the Queen give the order. "Take him to the island, I feel confident they will make the trade." The ship returns to the island where the Pices is waiting.

When safely back to the privacy of the Pisces, Garcin will report to the magi and senior grogs. "I spoke with the man named Matheus, he seems in reasonable health and has some knowledge of merchanting, more than I, anyways. He seemed normal enough but I honestly have no idea if he's human or not. The Pirate Queen seemed to be playing it straight so far."

When he finishes he'll flash Tamya a quick boyish grin before returning to business.

ntonius will greet Garcin as he steps on the deck:

"Welcome back Garcin. I am relieved to see you unharmed. Your gallantry is an example to us all, and it shall be rewarded. I know you despise pirates, so... don't worry, we will play by the Pirate Queen's rule, but I have a suprise of my own for that flesh-eating woman."

He glances at the Pirate Queen's vessel:

"Still, we need to gather he ranson from Palermo and we need to decide on an island for our part of of the deal..."

"From Palermo?" Garcin asks in suprise. "Can't you just, you know...." He wiggles his fingers in a motion that he thinks might be vaguely magical.

Antonius laughs:

"Ah hah ahah. I wish I could, Garcin, I wish I could....hum... Terra might though be able to."

Now, on a serious tone:

"But, it would not be wise to risk the merchant's and this crew`s life by using magically created silver. It pains me too, but we need to play by her rules for the time being. Later, when we are better prepared, we might decide to go a pirate hunt if she troubles us again."

"Well let's get this going. Time to see if we get scammed or not."