Against the Dark and spelling

Ok, so on p115 it says: "The vampire's principle prey is now humans" :open_mouth:

I mean, please! Can't you make a difference between nouns and adjectives?

And then I did a quick search in The Sundered Eagle pdf... There are 16 instances of "principle" on 13 pages... 5 of which are correct.
"The Persians’ principle magical aid came from the jinn,"
"Candia, the Cyclades, and the Dodecanese are the principle territories of the Kretan phyle,"
"The principle use of the tokens is neutralization."
"principle phyle." {I guess you could call it that if you want}
"The principle order of business at the Hermetic Assembly"
"The principle, and most feared, galleys of the Eastern Mediterranean were the dromons of the Byzantine navy;"
"The principle trading vessel of Favonius,"
"the principle residence of later emperors"
"The six principle gods of the Pantheon"

Now I'm scared to look at the other books...

And it's not the fact that one author was confused, it's the lack of quality control. There were 8 errors spread through the book for a proof-reader to catch, do a global search & replace, and warn the author about the confusion. And then certain words (principle, capitol, etc.) should be added to the QA process and every use validated.

To reiterate, I'd rather have an inspired author that does simple mistakes than a dull one that writes prefectly. We each have our foibles.

If this bothers you so much, I would recommend you to totally skip Tales of Power, then.

That should be his principle course of action.


Well, going that far would also means not using the internet anymore. :cry:

Rest assured it won't effect me. :mrgreen:

They're spelling isn't worse then yours.

Yo, 've just watch'n a breakin' bad eppasode... Naw that , feel like kickass home Bro.

"Diccionary sidekick"

And this appears to be one that the relevant authors, I, Jessica Banks, and Michelle Nephew share. After this thread, however, I'm rather more likely to get this one right, although it obviously won't be my principal principle in editing books.

Can someone explain what is the mistake in this case? As a non perfect english writer, i do not understand it.

principle, principal
The sentences quoted by Tugdual should have used the latter.

Thank you, I feel relieved this was only a fluke. ... 0principle -> principe directeur ... 0principle -> belangrijkste principe
It's also useful when, being fluent enough in multiple languages, you have to back-translate notions that won't go native.

Translation divergences are interesting and help to converge toward ... well I guess languages are more like faeries than beasts of virtue.

To be fair, homonyms get missed a lot because spellchecking software won't find it, and proofreaders can easily skip them (because in your head it sounds like the right word).

If this annoys you too much, get someone to read the book out to you for the authentic medieval scholastic experience - you won't notice the difference between the words.