Against the Dark

In doing Hermanus for Legends of Hermes I thought a great deal about what Coeris might be like. I made a great deal that didn't make it in to the chapter for not wanting to restrict future authors when they wrote about it. (My chapter was at least aiming to be about something for PC's to uncover and investigate not about how one can interact with the Domus Magnus).

I read Timothy's treatment in Houses of Hermes lots more than twice and tried hard not to contradict it. I'm eager to see how the covenant is portrayed now that it gets looked at a third time. I hope that it comes out a bit different than my vision of it, it would be a shame if new minds didn't take it in new directions.

I guess there's no chance of us seeing this one day?

Even if it never becomes official, it still might prove inspirationnal, IMO, or even just entertaining reading, so I, for one, would be interested by it.


i would be delighted :slight_smile:

By the way, does anybody knows when are we going to see the table of contents? I would love a sneak peek :stuck_out_tongue:

Any word on what's happening with this?

The preview pages still seems set for a December release, but at this point Atlas will really have to hop if they're still planning to meet that particular deadline...

Here's hoping that it's on a ship from the printer already and in my needy and greedy hands sometime in January. :wink:

When I checked Amazon a couple days ago, it said December 28.

Never, ever believe a release date on Amazon unless it's been confirmed by the publisher elsewhere. And even then it's not set in stone. :wink:

I'm also having a hard time waiting for this one. I hope it ships soon...

According to the latest distributor update from Atlas, it's due back from the printer any day now, and will ship out once the holidays are over. So yes, it really should be available in January.

Yay! Can't wait to get my copy!

The internal House politics and the Scholomance are worth the price of admission by themselves.



This has proved enough to rekindle my passion for Ars and make me look at the entirely too large list of books for 5th I am behind in purchasing. My wallet cries, because it knows what is coming, but I find so much that has been published during my hiatus is extremely interesting... I am piqued. And especially this on the horizon is something I find I am eager to see.

Yeah. Most stores don't differentiate between their own educated guesses put in as placeholders, and actual official release dates. They're better now than they used to be, but that still doesn't make them trustworthy.

I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn't be getting this for the holidays, mostly because I want something to read while traveling. :slight_smile: Otherwise I don't really mind the wait, although I think my wife is a bit irked that neither of the gifts she's gotten me (this book and a minecraft world she constructed) can be wrapped and put under the tree.

looking forward to this one!

Giddy with anticipation

At the warehouse and being shipped. Wonderful news.
I'm eager to see the finished product.

Matt Ryan

Yup, I am also eagerly awaiting its arrival