Against the Dark

And now, to be studiously quiet until November... bwahahahaha.

At a time like this, don't you all hate NDA :laughing:



But if you come to either Grand Tribunal gathering this summer, you'll probably get a niiiiiiiice preview!!! :wink:

I'm really looking forward to this book - but I hope there will be one tribunal that remains without a book, preferably a "normal" tribunal. I fear the day when the last white areas are wiped off the map.

We need one white area as a refuge for storyteller ideas!

I suggest Ireland or Southern France.

I want 'em all written up. It will be a rich tapestry to draw from.
I would love to see Provencal be the next one.

Erasing is easy. I would never play in the Normandy tribunal as portrayed, since I find it silly. But I can still get quite a few ideas from there

Erasing is much easier than drawing :slight_smile:


Could you be more explicit about what you dislike?

I find the level of copying the mundanes without getting inside their system irking. The whole order of hermes there is not believable to me. The covenants are too high fantasy for my tastes in quite a few cases, when it is supposed to be the most intemingled in mundane manners of all the tribunals among the published ones. So it is a weird mix of mundaneship with high fantasy icing. I find the mix quite unappealing. However, it is only the hermetics that I dislike. The rest of the book is cool.



I do not feel constrained by having official material; I can deviate or completely disregard it, so it doesn't hurt me that it's there. And every new tribunal book offers a new vision of how Hermetic society might work, new ideas, new covenants and magi, new magical places... I'm all for more tribunal books. Heck, I'd be in favor of multiple covenant books covering the same locale! Do a second tribunal book for the Rhine tribunal, presenting a High Magic alternative for its Hermetic and Mythic landscape! [I doubt any such work would ever be made, but still...]


I can't say I really remember the book, but I did like the high-fantasy covenants. What I didn't like was the Tourney, which made no sense whatsoever to me personally. But above all, I remember not liking the rest of the book. Can't remember what set me off, though.

Normandy Tribunal is interesting. The tournament is about allocating Vis resources. They limit covenants based on available resources. Lego/lord covenants exist as a means of controlling expansion. That some magi find the trappings of nobility interesting enough to model isn't surprising. What I like is the differing interests of the Flemish covenants against the rest of the tribunal

One can find problems with all the political systems for each of the tribunals written about. Of course it is still a human creation, so bound to have problems.

The 5th ed tribunal books have been good enough that we've actually used them quite a bit.

This should also counteract any feelings of chamberpot nailing.

I heard that clanbook was a complete bs. We may only hope this supplement will be better.

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Anyways, I'm hoping to see Scholomance (and its order of wizards, the Solomonari) in this tribunal book. I think the school was founded on an indeterminate date, regardless of its mention in Emily Gerard's article in The Nineteenth Century, and in Bram Stoker's Dracula. I think it would be cool to have a covenant that has secret Infernal ties. :smiling_imp:

Before anyone mentions it, by the way, I am in no way referring to Scholomance in "World of Warcraft."

For anyone interested:

Well, it looks like you'll be getting that wish... literally the last sentence in Apprentices mentions it: "The mysterious Scholomance in the Transylvanian Tribunal teaches 10 students at a time, and while all might work for the Order after graduation, only one is Gifted (see Against the Darkness: The Transylvania Tribunal, Chapter 6)."


My copy of Apprentices is still in the mail...Oh, crap! Are there going to be Quaesetores after me now?

I promise, I wasn't using magic to scry on Order affairs!!! :open_mouth:

I'm glad to see this thread. I am pretty excited about this book and I'm curious to see what it will look like.