Age Range for Gloom?

Hi! I was wondering if there is an age range for Gloom?
I have a nine-year-old daughter who plays Plants vs. Zombies, watches Harry Potter, reads Shel Silverstein, etc., so I wouldn't think "pursued by poodles" would be inappropriate, but figured I'd ask.
Thanks! --dex

We officially recommend Gloom for ages 13 and up. Although humorous, the subject matter is obviously a bit morbid, taking inspiration from sources like The Addams Family, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and Edward Gorey. That said, I've demoed the game for younger players (with their parents' permission), and they've enjoyed it a lot. You're ultimately the best judge of what your child can handle, but one possible litmus test might be the Lemony Snickets books (or the more recent Netflix adaptation)...the subject matter and humor are similar.

Hope that helps!