Age Slowly

I'm trying to create a new major virtue that grants slow aging. Just looking at Strong Faerie Blood I was thinking:

"Age checks start at 50 years old, -4 to aging Rolls"

But then I thought maybe another, simpler direction:

"Age checks start at 50 years old, only have to have age checks every other year"
or possibly just "only have age checks every other year".

Which of these would be best in the long run without being game breaking? Any advise is appreciated. I have a tendency to overlook long term effects for things like this in an AM game so I wanted some help.

The first is probably better in play, particularly for Companions and Magi (the only characters likely to have the Virtue) in that it reduces the "variability" of the aging process compared to the second. If you roll infrequently, and only after a certain "grace period", but without a corresponding aging bonus, you'll get fewer, but really bad aging rolls. The player will gamble a serious loss on a single roll. Instead, more rolls but at a better modifier are less likely to produce bad results, and the character will age more surely but gracefully.

Yes, now that you spell it out for me, its obvious that simply rolling every other year is barely even a bonus. I would need to include an addition that you calculate your current age as if you had only aged one year for every two years after the age at which you begin making age checks. For simplicity sake, the STB inspired option will rule, I think.