Aging and Afflictions

I was creating an NPC (using MetaCreator) and making some aging rolls for him. And I noticed that the Aging screen has a popup that has available Afflictions if you click on it.

I kind of remember Afflictions or Infirmities or whatever from 4th edition, but I reread the Aging section of the main rulebook (pp. 168-170) repeatedly and can't find any mention of it.

Am I missing something, or do they not have Afflictions in 5th edition?

Just a silly question:
Are you sure you're using the 5th Ars Magica template for MC?
If you have the 5th ed template, you'll also have the 4th ed template, so there might be a misclick.

Not very likely, but my first thought

I initially bought MetaCreator 2 December 2010, well after 5th ed came out.

And everything seems to be 5th edition with least I haven't found anything that screams 4th Ed. How can I tell for sure if it's a 4th ed holdover or something in the program?

And am I correct, then, that there are no Afflictions in 5th Ed? That it's simply get old, lose Characteristic values, get sick and die?

Probably not it then

Looks that way to me!

IIRC, the Ars Magica 4 Datasheet is a freebie that comes with MetaCreator. Go to File, Load Data Sheet to review the list. However, even ifit's in the list, you should be picking Ars Magica5.cst when starting a character from scratch.

Just checked, and the only thing with Ars Magica or ArsM or ArM listed is "ArsMagica5.mds". It's showing Game System as "Ars Magica 5" in the menu at the bottom of that screen. If I change that to "Ars Magica", it has an "ArsMagica.cds" under Data Sheet Files, but it's not loaded.

Possible bug?

Possible bug indeed.