Aging for the busy

A busy theurgist archmage is hit by an aging crisis. A terminal one, at that!
Well, being an archmage, he has a CrCo Ritual ready to pop and solve the crisis.
But alas, he'll have to spend the whole season recovering!
Does that mean doing nothing, zero, zilch? Can he read a book while bedridden at least?

Ok. So, for next time, is there a way to avoid wasting that season?

Well, sure there is. A Maleficium! (RoP:I p.105 - ). Incantation/Consumption: Permanently transfer a terminal aging crisis from a target to a victim). A faithful grog can get the crisis, and the healing. I'm sure he'll like a season of paid vacation in bed. But that tends to cause trouble with the Quaesitores, pesky demons all wanting your soul ... nah. More trouble than it's worth.

Hmm. The Unaging Virtue? There must be some Mystery Cult that might initiate it on the quick, or maybe some Hedge Wizard capable of bestowing it for some suitable bribe.
(But would it work? "if the crisis .... either you die, or otherwise nothing happens "-- including being beddridden? Unclear. Probably has to kick in before the crisis, at the very least).

Hrmph. Is there some Magic Daimon, arcane power or ... whatever that can save the archmagus from spending season in bed? Being an archmage is busy stuff!

Perhaps a D:Moon advanced version of Endurance of the Berserkers combined with an equally long-lived ReMe feel-no-pain spell? That's off the top of my head, so I have no idea if that would actually work.

Look for someone from the Pharmacopoeian Ex Misc tradition. If they have a high enough Mythic Herbalism, in a few days they can make a potion to heal your Terminal Crisis, if they pass a difficulty 24 check.
A successful roll will take them 8 days.

You're not thinking Infernal enough. A faithful grog can get the crisis. You keep the vis. He gets the perk of being sacrificed to power an unholy ceremony.

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That does not help, as far as I can tell: Pharmacopeians resolve aging crises just like anyone else.
The problem is not resolving the crisis, it's avoiding the bed rest.

Well, there's nothing in the rules that I know that can avoid the bed rest. Maybe, after he recovers, it's time for him to research a breakthrough that would shorten or eliminate that.

The Unaging virtue should allow him to avoid the need for rest, but that of course assumes you already have the virtue before you enter the crisis.

A divine miracle will of course also work, but those aren't exactly trivial to make appear.

Possibly you could use a mental laboratory, if you had one prepared?

The need for a season to recover might stem from the Limit of Fatigue, so effects that bypass that might allow magic to resolve that. Folk Witch Healing might be able to solve this, using this understanding?

Could you?
Just like with reading a book, I don't know, that's why I was asking.
If I were to hazard a guess though, I'd say the spirit of the rules is "no".

I agree, it's probably a "no", but it sort of depends on why a character can't do anything that season.

If it's because their available physical capacities are so disrupted that they can't meaningfully study due to exhaustion, a mental laboratory might be a bypass. But of course you can argue that without the physical stamina being present, any mental effort is useless as well.

If it's because the trauma of the crisis has so disturbed the mental state of the character that he cannot meaningfully study, then the mental lab is truly useless.