Airy Spirit of Realms

Rego Vim in RoP:M p. 111 has two spell guidelines to deal with airy spirits.
Level 5: Control an Airy Spirit of a specific Realm.
Level 15:Summon an Airy Spirit of a specific Realm.

Now Vim spell guidelines have typically been used to generalize what can be done with another form, but as applied to a realm rather than the form. This particular instance does bring a question because as far as I know, Airy Spirits are a term that can be applied only to certain spirits of the magic realm. Should I read those guidelines as Control an Airy Spirit and Summon an Airy Spirit; or can someone point me to Airy Spirits of the non-Magic Realms?

I suppose you can take it two ways:

  1. "Airy spirit" in this context means "Literal airy spirits and the equivalent minor non-corporeal beings that perform similar functions for other realms". So, for example, minor terrestrial angels and demons (that do for dominion/infernal auras what airy spirits do in magic ones) and whatever the fairy equivalent is.

  2. The "of a specific realm" thing is just a catch all and in practice there aren't airy spirits of other realms. Maybe some incorporeal faeries imitating spirits could be included or other unusual circumstances, but those are the exceptions and mostly it's just magic spirits.

RoP:tI does have a ReVi 5 guideline for commanding demons as well, which sort of implies that guideline might actually be broadly applicable to other realms. Definitely to the infernal.

But the guidelines for summoning demons don't have an equivalent ReVi 15, just the general guideline equivalent to the one used for summoning a Daimon.

On the other hand (spirit) summoning from RoP:tI specifies the valid targets as "any incorporeal being with might" and notes demons as an exception in that they can be bodily summoned because their bodies are just coagulated spirit. Which supports the idea that "airy spirits of a specific realm" might be meant as "incorporeal beings with might of a specific realm"

Sihr (used by Sahirs) also can target incorporeal spirits of any realm (this isn't outright stated, but as it talks about using second sight to observe them so their incorporeal nature is implied).

Personally my inclination is to allow these guidelines to target any incorporeal being aligned with the specified realm.


Yes, but not all spirits. You can only target jinn with Sihr.

Hermetic Sahir may only summon Jinn with their version of Sihr, Solomonic Sihr may summon any spirit.

Are you sure? The description of Solomonic Sihr only mentions Jinn, not any other type of spirit.

(Many of the other rules for Sahirs talk about spirits in general, since they can use some other kind of summoning ability instead of Sihr.)

This is contrary to my impression. Could you be bothered to provide a source for your impression?
Mine is based on tC&tC, p. 46 consistently using Jinn, rather than Spirit.

You are however correct, that Sahir with summoning 'arts' other than Sihr (ie. Summoning) may explicitly using non-Jinn spirits with the actual Solomonic Arts (tC&tC, p. 46, top of 1st column).

This is just the first paragraph detailing summoning using Sihr, I did not find one mention of Jinn and only spirit.

The most basic form of naranj avail-able to sahirs uses their summoning art, and summons a spirit to a prepared place within a few paces of the caster. This is called a summoning spell. Unlike using their summoning art, this naranj only takes a moment and does not cost any fatigue or vis. The sahir is still warded against the spirit, and as usual the spirit likely wants something in return for whatever service the sahir asks. To cast a summoning spell, the player rolls a stress die and adds Presence plus his score in his summoning art, as well as his modifier for the aura.

EDIT: this is from p34 of TC&TC.

That paragraph is about using a summoning spell, not about using Sihr.

If when using a summoning spell you can summon any spirit using sihr then it follows…

Then it does not follow that using Sihr by itself allows you to summon any spirit. The description of Sihr starts at p46.

But the summoning spell total would use Sihr.

EDIT: Yes, you need to spend time doing research but I don’t see that you need a different summoning art.

The summoning spell total would use your score in Sihr - if that happens to be your summoning art.
But it uses a completely different process than using your summoning art.

Remember that summoning spells can be based on ANY summoning art - Solomonic Sihr, Hermetic Sihr, (Theurgical) Summoning, (Faerie) Summoning, ....
Will you argue that all of these therefore can be used to summon any kind of spirit?

With a summoning spell and opened as a Sahir, sure.

Opened? Sahirs do not need to have the Gift and therefore might not have their Gift opened.
Reading the section on learning summoning spells they apparently do not even need to know any of the Solomonic Arts to be able to learn a summoning spell (though their Lab Total will be low if they don't.)

For an ungifted I would probably require one of the solomonic arts to research the spell.

The Lab total for learning a summoning spell is based on Solomonic Astrology, but it says quite explicitly that "summoning spells are so widespread that the sahir does not need to know Solomonic
Astrology to do this"

Saying that Sihr can be used to summon any kind of spirit is like saying Artes Liberales can be used to summon any kind of spirit.
Both can appear in the summoning total/casting total for a spell to summon a spirit, but it is the spell that summons the spirit, not the abilities that appear in the total.

You’re right. Sihr is never used in a total to summon a spirit other than a Jinn it is impossible for someone whose only summoning art is Sihr to summon any other sort of spirit.

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Please note that this thread isn't about Sihr and solomonic magic at all. I'm asking for feedback on very specific guidelines accessible to all hermetic magi to understand whether hermetic magi can summon and control anything outside the Magic Realm with those guidelines, without:
*Refering to additional spell guidelines
*Access to additional mysteries
*Access to specific virtues
*Being a non-hermetic magi.

Discussing alternative mysteries and traditions may have some value if they can be used to infer what an airy spirit is and whether they exist in other realms, which Argentius seemed to believe it did. But I would rather that the mechanics of Solomonic Magic doesn't become the actual thread topic. I'm not at all sure it's useful to refer estensively to another tradition, unless their guidelines is literally copy-pasted from RoP:M and the definition of airy spirits is expanded in their tradition description, in which case, yes, that could actually answer my question. As far as I know, airy spirits is a subset of spirits, rather than spirits being a subset of Airy Spirits, unless I missed something?.

At this point, my theory is that they wrote "of a specific Realm" by applying the logic of other Rego Vim guidelines such as wards, but I'm looking to see if there are other alternative explanations about whether Airy Spirits exist outside of the Magic realm.

One problem is that "airy spirits" is defined in RoP:M, but that book talks almost exclusively about Magical beings, ignoring the rest.
From the text on taxonomy on p100 it is clear that demons and angels are generally not considered to be part of the genii of which airy spirits are a subset.

From reading RoP:M I'd say all airy spirits are connected to the Magical Realm.
There might be some Divine, Infernal, or Faerie spirits that also count as airy spirits, but I don't think there are any canon examples of that, and that line "of a specific Realm" is the strongest evidence we have of airy spirits of other realms - and like you I suspect including it was just a mistake.