Al Amarja Map

I’ve got the 20th anniversary edition of OTE, and there’s a nice color map of Al Amarja on p. X-XI.
Does it exist on PDF somewhere, so that I could print it for my players ?

I'm French, and Al Amarja isn't on the Mediterranean Sea for us, so if the map is text-free, it would be even better :wink:


As far as I can tell, if you get the OTE PDF or the Players Survival Guide PDF, you can get a pretty good map.

I bet you could get something outta going a-web-hunting, too! :wink:

BTW, I'm trying to get a Spanish OTE group together, what made you place Al Amarja not on the Mediterranean? :open_mouth:


I tried web-hunting before posting here... I've got all the OTE books and several Al Amarja maps, but the one in the 20th anniversary edition is by far the nicest one, and there's no PDF of this edition... I don't want to damage my book by scanning it. Besides, it's on two pages, the center of the map would be difficult ton scan...


If you wanna use the exacty map from the anniversary ed as a graphics file, I'd say you're outta luck (as far as I can tell)... P'rhaps you could contact the Nephews to arrange something (a special download)? 8)

BTW, I'm trying to get a Spanish OTE group together, what made you place Al amarja not on the Mediterranean? :question:


The French edition, Conspirations (published in 1995...), had it placed on the Bermudas (Mediterranean Sea is too close to France, it wasn't exotic enough).

where are you from?


I thought it was your GM's choice.
Hmm, wondering if I should move the island somewhere else too, if it's too neighbourly for them Spaniards... :laughing:


Atlas Games answered my prayers ! The cool color map can be found there...

Thank you, you rock !

Just Great!


In my opinion the Island could be placed anywhere. the only thing differnt may be the local inhabatants. South of Korea sothere are more koreans. Or south of Finland leader to more nordic people who may be more marose.


Thanks for the input!


You also have a nice map of Al Amarja on the "Al Amarjan Friends" resource card of On the Edge :wink: !

And I know exacty where Al Amarja is : in our minds (and hearts) ! :wink: