Alazais Clergues (Autocrat)

Alazais Clergues (Autocrat)
Int 2, Per 0, Pre 3, Com 1, Str 0, Sta 0, Dex 0, Qik 0
Age: 26
Virtues and flaws:
Clerk (nunnery educated woman), improved characteristics, puissant profession: Steward, Inspirational, strong-willed
close family ties, busybody, oversensitive (treating women poorly), ability block: martial, small frame
Reputation: busybody (covenant ) 2
personality: stubborn +2, caring +2, romantic +1
Abilities: Animal handling (sheep) 2, Auvergne Lore (geography) 3, Athletics (hiking) 1, Awareness (search) 1, Bargain (wool) 4, Carouse (chess) 1, Charm (soldiers) 1, Chirurgy (midwifery) 1, etiquette (magi) 2, folk ken (shepherds) 3, leadership (covenant) 4, Profession: steward (covenant) 4+2, survival (Auvergne) 1, teach (children) 1, Artes liberales (logic) 1, Theology (Bible quotes) 2, Latin (church) 4, Occitan (local dialect) 5, Organisation lore: church (nunnery) 2

Alazais is Bastion’s younger sister. Bastion’s career as an apprentice gave the family enough money so the young shepherd girl had the unusual chance to get a nunnery education. The skills she acquired there are useful now that she supports her brother by running the covenant. She has been doing this for a year now, and she loves it.

Note: I see no reason why two different skills should be used for leading companipons and servants, so it is just profession: Steward in this game.