Alexander the Woodcrafter

Age 46
Int 0 Per 1
Pre 2 Com 2
Str 0 Sta 0
Dex 5 Qui 0

faerie upbringing(minor -1)
faerie friend(minor -1)
lecherous(major -3)
pagan(major -3)
Hallucinations(minor -1)
fish out of water: woodlands(minor -1)

free expression(minor +1)
great dex(minor +1)
great dex(minor +1)
strong faerie blood(major +3)
affinity with craft(minor +1)
improved characteristics(minor +1)
craft guild training(minor +1)
affinity for leadership(minor +1)
wealthy(major +3)
touched by magic(major +3) He, Ig
improved characteristics(minor +1)
faerie sympathy(major +3)
Maestro(free +0)
puissant craft(free +0)


Romaic Greek 5
area lore -Patra 5
survival 3
guile 4
leadership 11
craft -woodworking 11+1+2
Faerie Sympathy -wood 7 (3 from virtue, exp. spent to 7 max level (3 from strong faerie blood, 1 from faerie raised)
area Lore - Acrocorinth 5
craft -cooking 7+1
folk ken 1
Artes Liberales 3

Alexander was the son of a dwarf and a nun- his mother having been a Greek noblewoman forced into monastic life by her husband, who found another woman he wished to marry. She fled the covenant and gave birth in a faerie woods within a statuary, and named her son Alexander after the ancient conquerer. Alexander spent his formative years in the faerie woods, where he discovered a strong talent for working with the material. When he was 6 his mother began taking him out of the faerie woods on trips for human food, and he was soon apprenticed to a woodcrafter in Petra, where he excelled until the world fell apart and the crusaders came through in force. Angry Alexander joined the resistance at Acrocorinth, building defenses and strong shields, where he also had a short encounter with a titan which forever added an element of magic to his otherwise faerie gifts. In the end it all came crashing down as the Latin invaders stormed the castle. Alexander wished to avoid city life and return to Petras, and came across magi considering a covenant site there. Together they began to build the covenant, where Alexander now plans to establish his workshop on a more enduring basis.

I know I'm a noob, but 20 points in Virtues against 10 points in Flaws? How the heck do you manage that?

That's apparently what "Mythic" does. He set this up as a Mythic companion. Was news to me, but is in the Mercurian chapter of HoH: TL.

There are also mythic companions available in ROP:Faerie (Faerie Doctor), ROP:Infernal (demonspawn), ROP:Divine (Nephelim)...

I like the idea of a mythic woodcrafter!

What kind of faerie is his faerie blood derived from?

Also, I don't have the book "fish out of water" is described in. Does it have any game-mechanical effect, or is it just a personality descriptor?

Dwarf, he gets another +1 to his craft abilities from there.
Fish out of water is from Grogs, and reading it again I messed up- it should be woodlands- the character takes a -1 penalty on any stress rolls (and one extra botch die) taken outside of their favored terrain.