Alexei's Letter to Apollodorus

Delivered mid day by Redcap on the first day of the Full Moon for the month. It is in a scroll case wrapped by entwined red and black ribbon, sealed with a red waxen seal of an hourglass mounted on a spear. The first page is in a clipped and serious tone, with blocky no-nonsense letters


May this letter find you well on the first day of the full moon. I'm sure you (who so boldly named yourself after a pagan sun god) knows of the dread importance of the timing.

What daring! What ambition! What audacity! You would invite me as if we are peers or worse yet a lackey! You would call upon Alexei Von Kroitsau, the scourge of the Black Forest, leader of men, bearer of a spear that has claimed scores of lives?! Truly you do not know your own hubris or the deadly power you have so cavalierly summoned.

You may expect my arrival at the end of the month, and I pray for your sake you are ready for me.

Alexei Von Kroitsau,
Journeyman of House Flambeau

There is a second page, the writing not so formal.

Ha! Is your heart racing old friend? Do you need to have some wine? Perhaps a fresh robe? I can see you sitting now with my letter shaking in your hands. I so well recall our conversations where you thought that all in House Flambeau were boorish pyromancers or widowmakers.

Be at ease old friend, I thought a little jest might brighten your day. As my Master said, "A brush with impending doom is often the best mood lifter."

I am quite pleased to hear of your success and even excess. I will travel to your location swiftly, and you may count on my power and loyalty in this endeavor. I am quite pleased and flattered that you chose me and shall do all I can to make you regard this as a good decision.

Please of course disregard the first page's ominous intent. Though I will probably arrive around the time of the moon, I will come with open arms, peaceful intent, and a bottle of wine that we shared some three years ago.

Very Truly Yours,

Delivered about a week after Alexei figures Apollodorus would've received his letter. The redcap who delivered it seemed weary and relieved to deliver the letter. By all appearances he didn't appear to have any other correspondences to deliver.

Took you long enough.

Warmest regards,

The same Redcap returns a week hence, now quite familiar with the route to the pending Covenant. His purse jingles with silver and a secret purse holds some newly acquired vis. He delivers a return correspondence from the originator.

My Dear Apollodorus,

So short and to the point? My friend you waited too long to acquire new covenmates, I can tell by your tone that the business we spoke of so long ago is truly dragging on your spirits. I will speed to your home Apollodorus that you might pursue more pleasant distractions and regain that spirit and humour I admired in our first meeting. Once acquainted, let me bear the keys to the manor that you may rest, you will find me an able steward in this matter. I can forego some of my studies that I might attend to the sundry details of the Covenant's defense, no doubt a task you find odious.

I am bringing able bodied men to help defend and train those new to soldiery as well as a young lad who I think will quite impress you with his skills in language. I would very much like to introduce you two and then see to his further education. I think he can be a boon to our covenant once his skills in translation improve.

Further I shall make it known to all that may dare, that any within our home shall be protected not only by its Aegis and defenses, but further, should any outside its walls dare to challenge one of our Covenmates to Wizard's War, then the aggressor shall rightly expect a letter similar to the one I first sent you, albeit, this one shall be deadly serious. And any that are under Wizard's War that are part of our Covenant may seek santuary within my Sanctum, so that the aggressor must not only contend with our defenses, but dare to challenge me in my own Sanctum as well.

Do not use more paper nor take more time of this dutiful Redcap. I am but a short distance away and look forward to my arrival.

Until I Arrive, I wish you good health and success.

Your Friend,

Alexei Von Kroitsau

Delivered by the same Redcap, who now seems to be growing richer by the minute as letters pass between Alexei and Apollodorus. He may just have to investigate what is going on. It might be a good place to spend his off time, since they seem to be so free with the vis and the silver.


Perhaps you are correct. Managing this end of the creation of the covenant is a process I don't wish to do again. I think it is for that reason that I will stand apart from the council and day to day administration once it has formed, only involving myself at points where the council is deadlocked on a course of action. I have done my part in creating it and bringing Magi together, and have donated considerable resources for us to share. I truly wish to pursue my arts, and by arts, I mean painting, sculpting, a bit of music, literature.

As to the brevity of my last message. Well, your quixotic ways needed a bit of a rebuke. Visiting me all those years ago, then deciding to join, changing your mind a bit later, and now changing it back again. Really. Are you sure you're a Flambeau? I've never known one to waver on a course of action such as you. Do not waver again, lest you lose the opportunity of a lifetime. And do not take this as a question of honor, but take it as a question of intent, as it was meant.

Warm regards,
Apollodours ex Jerbiton

OOC, in PM's qcipher had mentioned that there had been previous meetings, and IIRC, the possibility that Alexei had vaccilated on coming. If I'm remembering this in error I'll redo the letter. All those PM's were purged as I'd been running out of space...