Alice of Triamore (Quercus' servant)

... or Fresse's companion :stuck_out_tongue:

Alice of Triamore, housemaid and wannabe housekeeper

Int +1, Per 0, Pre +2, Com 0, Str -1, Sta 0, Dex, +2, Qik +1

Age: 16

Virtues and Flaws
Covenfolk, Privileged Upbringing (daughter of captain of the guard), Puissant Chirurgy, Puissant leadership
Ability block (martial), Compassionate (minor), Weakness: stories

Speak French (Norman) 5
Speak Low German (Flemish) 4
Bois de Haillot Lore (covenant) 3
Lowlands Lore (politics) 1

Awareness (search) 1
Animal handling (hens) 1
Athletics (dance) 1
Profession: housemaid (cooking) 4
Chirurgy (dressing wounds) 2+2
Artes Liberales (mathematics) 1
Profession: Cellarer (accounting) 2
Order of Hermes Lore (Peregrinatores) 1

Folk Ken (villagers) 2
Charm (grogs) 2
Bargain (favours) 2
Etiquette (women) 1
Guile (men) 2
Leadership (covenfolk) 0+2

Brawl (dodge men) 1

Personality traits

  • Likes Fresse +3
  • Shy +2
  • Vain +1
  • Leader +0
  • Obedient +1
  • No nonsense worker +1

Brawl (dodge) +1 +3 +3 +1
Soak: +0


  • (good) servant clothes
  • Chirurgy tools
  • cooking utensils

Alice is the daughter of Triamore's guard captain. She is one of the housemaids of Triamore, but has also been the cellarer of the covenant with the idea of making her a good housekeeper. His father expects this to help her secure a good position in a noble household or a well established covenant.

Unfortunately for his father's wishes, Alice fell in love with Fresse, a visiting shield grog that she helped to recover from his wounds when he was injured fighting giant spiders in the Ardennes. When the Tytalus and his grog were about to leave, a shy Alice asked if she could go with them. This is not a problem for Triamore, that has dozens of servants, but it was seen as a disaster by her father. Still, alice would not budge from her position, and her father let her go when the magus AND the grog promised that she would be well cared for. Fresse ended up quite scared of the girl's father and acted quite stiffly during the last days when he was around.

The meals and appearance of Quercus and Fresse have certainly improved since she joined them, and while she is shy, she tends to blush and giggle when Fresse directs a (rather rough) pleasantry her way.

I think that one of the Profession should probably be higher, at 5 or 6. She's an adult, so she should be competent in her main profession skill. The others should be considered secondary skills.

Other than that, she's fine with me. :slight_smile:

Under 30 the maximum you can get is 5. Take in mind that she is a helper, not a main performer: part of a team of maids and cooks. And frankly, cleaning is not THAT difficult. I do that myself, for example :mrgreen:

It is difficult to get this level of expertise given her age if I want a sensible character, but I will try. My idea was to keep her as a young girl (well, in fact old enough to have had 4 or 5 pregnancies for the period, but hey, Ars has worked with modern ages for its characters since 1st edition) so she will be lacking in some fields. Reordering her abilities now.

Ok. A score of 4 might be enough. Profession housemaid may be too narrow. Profession servant is a bit too vague, but could be used instead and cober laundry, cleaning, mending and a hundred other small tasks. As well as knowing what should be done when, et.I'm open to suggestion as for another more appropriaye name.

Housemaid should cover all these things you listed there. It would also cover minimal cooking if she had no cooking profession. Professions are quite broad in that sense :slight_smile: I keep housemaid and cook to represent 2 areas where she has been well trained (specially housemaid, that is how she appears in the Triamore book) and Chirurgy picked as a secondary skill through the years by simply using it on wounded grogs. She is quite deft at it, in any case.

I just noticed that she is litterate. I'm cool with it. I particularly like the fact that she knows no Latin. She probably just picked up her letters here and there, but was never formally schooled.

I'm also good with Profession cellerar, although this is quite narrow.

She has the potential to be taught and become the chamberlain of the covenant.

That is one of the potential avenues of evolution. her "leader +0" personality trait is there for a reason :slight_smile: She got a privileged upbringing around a covenant, and a covenant is full of people that know their letters after all and might dedicate some time to teach a charming child, specially if the turb captain asks for it politely. However, she is still a grog in her present situation.

In general, I see us bringing the core timbers to build the covenant (the senior staff, people we bring in and so are our trusted servants, apparently) and we will add local laborers as needed.


I mixed together houswife and cooking into "housewife (cooking)". She cooks but is not a professional cook anyway. That allowed me to rise it to 5 as Arthur demanded, and (removing 10XP from a social skill) to drop her age to 18. Now she looks more like how I was envisioning her.

I think all my characters are finished now :slight_smile:


Touched her up to make her younger. She is 16 now. Added OoH lore (peregrinatores) at 1 since Triamore is quite a place for visitors, having such a nice library. Downgraded some other abilities. I am quite happy with the result :slight_smile:


Looks very good! If she and Yulia can cooperate they will be quite an imposing couple to deal with all the male grogs and covenfolk.

I just noticed that Alice might be found lurking around Prochorus easily, since she has a weakness for stories. I hope Fresse is not jealous.

In the end we have 4 women and 4 men among our initial batch of grogs. Nice distribution! I can see that some of the women are more manly than the men, or have the potential to be! :mrgreen:

While checking out the triamore covenant for another thing, I found that Triamore's captain (Jehan) is a noble. If you all do not have objections I will remove the puissant chirurgy (it is not really important for the character concept) and change it for gentlewoman.


No problem for me from a stats perspective, although it makes it a little less believable that Jehan would have just let his daughter leave with a common grog, for destinations unknown. As a noble, he would have been looking to arrange a marriage for her to a good prospect in the lower nobility at least.

Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind if you make the change. This may have effects on the background story, as well as relations between Jehan and Fresse. Regardles of what he said to his daughter, Jehan might nurture lurking hostility towards Fresse. Or it may be something more overt.

It may also affect Alice's relations with the other grogs and covenfolk as she may think of herself as above them socially. Yulia for one will probably have a problem tolerating her if she starts acting like nobility.

I have no problem with the change though and it can make for good in-covenant stories as well.

It sounds like story flaws. Not kosher then. The text of th virtue does not fit well either. So she will remain as it is, but in case arthur wants to throw us a curve ball with it, she is gentile :slight_smile: or half gentile. Johann is not married on the official triamore supplement, so she might have a non noble mother. Yes, that sounds ok.

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That sounds like a brilliant idea, noble father and non-noble mother. No need for story flaws even it would be possible, this just add some spice to the inter-grog relations.
Of course if Arthur wants an angry father showing up to take back his beloved daughter then we will have to deal with that as well. Like he hasn't hundred other and more evil ideas already. :smiley: