aligned aura and study in vis

Hello everyone,

Vis study is stress die + aura.

But what if the vis match the alignment of the aligned aura (in my case a 10 aura, aligned with creo), do we add aura + aligned aura (so aura twice) to the stress roll?

On another topic, the lab i'm designing has a 17 safety and the magus has a familiar's gold cord 5. He study in 7 creo pawns in this 10 aligned creo aura.

How much botch dies must he rolls?

  1. -17-5 +7+10 = 0
  2. -17-5 +7+10+10 = 5
    Say the aura (unaligned) would be only 10, does the vis study roll botch die need at least 1 die, or can the safety reduce the risk of botch by having NO botch die to roll?
    So: -17-5 +7+10 = minimum 1 botch die or 0 ?

Thanks for your lights!

In RoP Magic Realm the rules says that alingnement doesn't count. Only with supernatural abilities or arts magically aligned works.
And i think that the Familiar only quit in the spellcasting but i am not sure.

Okay thanks for aligned aura :slight_smile:.

For the familiar, it's stated in covenant that the gold cord add his value to safety :slight_smile: but not sure if safety can go to 0 botch dies or not (and that isn't written ... except if i have miss it!) hence my question

ArM5 p104 does force the botch roll. So the last dice has to be removed by safety or not at all.

So if safety suppress the last die, no roll for botch?
Everybody agrees?

I think it's the way it has to be, but need confirmation :smiley:

According to ArM (p.165) studying from vis does not require a laboratory, so I am not sure
a safe laboratory applies at all.