All Astronomical Planets

A character concept came to me - the cultist. The character has a 5 Presence, an Affinity & Puissant in a Cult lore, so that it's easy to Self-Initiate. So he goes out an makes a script to get Potent Magic: A planet. It notes on page 37 of TMRE, that you can Initiate into other astrological signs, houses or planets, although there is no penalty for other Planets.

Assuming our character initiated into Sun, he now has the Mystery of Astrological Planet, could he now self-initiate into another Planet, with a target value of 21? It notes that a Mystagogue can teach a seeker a different sign, house, and planet than he himself knows. With a character optimized for initiation, he wouldn't find scripts very difficult to complete.

It's an interesting concept - a character who has a Major Potent Virtue for all seven planets.

Don't forget that creating scripts is not the same thing as self-initiation. What you listed is pretty optimized for self-initiation. But creating scripts used Intelligence and a stress die, so high Intelligence and something like Cautious with (Ability) are rather handy. But if you want to be really good, you should consider Faerie Blood/Sympathy. Look at the faerie gods and the listed sympathies in TSE. You'll find a very convenient one quickly.